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Founded in 1965 as Wheel Specialties, Inc. by Stan Baumel, Bassett is known throughout as the undisputed leader in steel racing wheels. Bassett has over half a century of experience building lightweight steel racing wheels exclusively for racing. Today they build a variety of different models of wheels and wheel accessories. Their manufacturing is in-house in Burlington, Wisconsin where they employ an American workforce working with domestically sourced raw materials. From a small manufacturing company in the small town of Burlington, Wisconsin comes one of the most trusted names in wheels. Known for their durability and quality, Bassett racing wheels can be found on race cars in a variety of racing series. These days you will find a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Bassett is an industry leader known for its racing heritage. Because of their focus on quality, reliability, and style, teams that race with Bassett Racing Wheels are some of the most popular. Bassett wheels have been a trusted name in the racing industry for years. From small-town Wisconsin to a leader in today’s automotive market, Bassett rims have come a long way since 1965 when they started manufacturing wheels right here in the USA. Bassett wheels make it possible for any vehicle to race at high speeds without the driver having to worry about a quality wheel breaking down or forcing them off the track.

The history of Bassett wheels began with a dream and a passion for designing the ultimate racing wheel. Bassett has always been a company that focuses on the needs of its drivers before anything else. Every wheel is created to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Founded by Stan Baumel, Bassett is a great American success story. They’ve been producing racing wheels since 1965 and have provided products to some of the most famous racers in history. Bassett has spent over 50 years perfecting the art of building lightweight steel wheels for racing. They build everything in-house in a state-of-the-art facility, where they employ American workers using domestic materials. We helped develop Bassett wheels to ensure that the racers' vehicles remain fast and always have a steady grip on the wheel.

Bassett Rims have been a popular option for racers for generations. Their wheels are tailored to the needs of each racer, giving you supreme quality and ease of use. Bassett Wheels are designed to give you the speed and quality that you need. They are perfect for all of your racing needs whether it’s a local community race or driving in professional competition. That’s why so many drivers choose Bassett Wheels. With over four decades of experience, we offer efficiency and speed to beginning racers and pros alike. All in all, the perfect choice for you and your sport!

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