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American Racing Wheels was founded in 1956 and they were originally a race car wheel manufacturer. Since they started in the racing world, their main focus has always been the quality and performance of their wheels which is evident from their long-standing history in motorsports and on the street. American Racing Wheels has poured its heart and passion into every wheel. At the very core of their values is a love for life on the road (or the track), and a dedication to keeping you laced up and tight.

American Racing Wheels has been a premier manufacturer of custom wheels and mobile accessories since 1957. Their products can be found on everything from race cars to trucks. American Racing Wheels is a brand of custom wheels favored by those who take the road less traveled. Their products are a showcase of their commitment to making quality products that transport drivers to a place where the car becomes an extension of passion and lifestyle. American Racing Wheels takes pride in every design and development. They are dedicated to making a unique, quality product so you can spend more time wheeling and less time worrying about if your wheels are holding up.

Since their humble beginnings as a small garage shop, American Racing Wheels has become the go-to brand for custom wheels and awesome accessories. American Racing Wheels are crafted in the USA. Built for you by skilled artisans, these wheels embody the freedom of speed, freedom on the open road, and freedom of expression. Born in the USA, American Racing Wheels stand for fun. Whether you own a classic truck or have joined a track club, American Racing Wheels are a great way to personalize your car. Their products can be seen on cars in every race series imaginable. But their work has gone beyond the racetrack with custom wheels and accessories available for everything from pickup trucks to off-road vehicles. 

With lines made entirely in the USA, American Racing Wheels come with heritage, originality, and innovation. American Racing Wheels’ vintage styling and low profiles are inspired by a time when people were excited to drive their own cars on the highways they helped to build. The Torq Thrust wheels, American Racing's most iconic offering, offers a revolutionary lightweight wheel design, together with a unique and patented contact patch, combining to provide traction relied upon for decades. Built for the daily driver looking for superior dry traction, these wheels set the standard for an aggressive street look. In addition to the Torq Thrust, wheels like the Libre, LeMans, 200S, and Baja have all been used by winning race teams. For a fast, smooth ride with the added styling touch you’ve been looking for, look no further than American Racing.

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