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Alpinestars has been synonymous with quality, protection, and style since it was founded in 1963. Meeting all the SFI safety requirements while producing some of the coolest and most sought after suits on the market makes Alpinestars a rare combination. The top racers from all levels of motorsports trust Alpinestars. A leader in the protection and technical apparel industry, Alpinestars has been creating functional, technical clothing since 1963. Their products are based on more than 50 years of racing history and research. Racing is an extreme sport. Alpinestars keeps racers safe with high-quality, durable, and fashionable gear. It’s a business that focuses on passion and quality. 

The Alpinestars mission is simple. It’s a promise to you to deliver innovative, performance-driven gear that works. Alpinestars’ mission is to make stuff we love. Gear that works great, feels right, and looks killer. They mix a passion for style with an engineering spirit – outstanding comfort and quality, all in a package that’s totally unique. 

Alpinestars is now involved in many high-profile activities and sporting events, including MotoGP, Formula 1, The World Rally Championship and World Superbikes to name a few. It has developed high performance apparel as well as protective gear for some of the most popular motor sports in the world. Alpinestars gear and accessories are built on key concepts such as: comfort, safety, functionality and design. 

The design, research and development of every Alpinestars product is proven on the track by some of the world's top riders and agencies. The result is protection and performance gear of the highest standard. Their expertise doesn’t stop at the racetrack. Alpinestars also designs and develops protection and performance gear for street use by racing drivers and motorsports enthusiasts. Street-wise, we are just as serious as when we’re racing. It is no coincidence that the stuff you see us wearing on the road is developed from the same DNA as that which saw us perform at trackside; only designed to fit in with your day-to-day lifestyle. 

Alpinestars is a brand dedicated to drivers who want to ramp up their gear game. Whether you’re off road or on the street, we tailor our products for maximum performance. Unrivaled Performance, Advanced Protection, and Style: Alpinestars incorporates all of the elements of modern clothing into the most advanced racing apparel available. They offer jackets, pants, shirts and shoes with innovative functionality for both road racing and off-road racing.  

Alpinestars is there to support your passion: Passion is the inspiration behind every product Alpinestars designs, develops, and produces. Founder Sante Mazzarolo got his start as a champion motorcyclist, and he attributes his success to passion shared with every professional rider that has ever worn his gear. Whether it’s for pleasure riding or competition, you will always experience the passion of Alpinestars. 

Alpinestars is the brand that brought you a whole new world of racing gear. With innovative functionality for both road racing and off-roading, our products will outclass the competition and keep you looking good! The Alpinestars mission is to improve the levels of safety and comfort for every racer. They have been designing and manufacturing racing and riding gear since 1963. From the racetracks to your favorite roads, our gear will keep you looking good and feel like a champion. 

Alpinestars’ fanatical attention to detail and obsession with style and performance – along with their commitment to endorse only the best products - has cemented their reputation as a premium brand that you can trust. Alpinestars is a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative products for racing. 

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