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Street Shocks Buyers Guide

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The AFCO Double Adjustable Drag Race Shock is designed to withstand the rigors of drag racing. Constructed from heavy-duty hardened steel components, this oversize billet aluminum body shock provides increased strength and durability with the ability to maintain a narrow racing profile for weight savings. AFCO’s number one priority in product design is ride quality, so you can drive all day long! Designed for both small tire and big tire cars, these shocks give you control of your car like never before.

Tune your suspension with high-performance, AFCO Racing double adjustable drag shocks. These extremely durable and engineered to perform, drag shocks offer unparalleled accuracy in valving and superior handling characteristics, making them the ultimate solution for your vehicle.

Pairing the perfect shock with the right spring is what makes a great coil-over kit and AFCO front drag shocks and springs are designed to work together. AFCO has made controlling weight transfer a science. Years of experience and real-world testing have gone into producing a front drag shock that can control the explosive forces of a 2000+HP launch and yet still be sensitive enough to react to the smallest of variations in track condition and surface irregularities. Eliminate your competition with AFCO double adjustable drag shocks.