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The 55-59 Chevy truck is one of the most popular pickups for resto-mods, factory restorations, and show vehicles. This era, known as the "Task Force" truck generation, represented a dramatic styling shift from the large-fender and flat-front truck designs of the 1940s to the modern, sleek look of the 1950s. Some of the most significant 55-59 Chevy truck parts changes included the fenders with the iconic headlights, the wraparound windshield, and the straight body lines.

One of the most famous models from this era is the Apache. In later years, many Chevy Apache truck parts differed from earlier models. For example, the 1958 Apache features "four eyes" headlights—two on each side. These Chevy Apache parts would later evolve into a staple of the GMC line well into the 1970s.

This was a new era for GM trucks and an era of many innovations. Rare 55-59 Chevy truck parts included a 4WD system, which was one of the earliest 4x4 add-ons available on domestic pickup trucks. As part of the GM A Platform, the 55-59 Chevy truck came with several engine choices ranging in size from a 235 cu in (3.9 L) "Thriftmaster" I6 to an aptly-named 348 cu in (5.7 L) "Loadmaster" V8. Many other 55-59 Chevy truck parts were new and unique, including a three-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission, which became widely available during this generation.

The 55, 56, and 57 Chevy trucks are known as the "Tri-Five" due to their similarities. Although the base platform remained the same from 55 to 59, many 55-57 Chevy truck parts differ greatly from 58-59 Chevy truck parts. Additionally, sub-model parts variations make it important to filter your component search, as some Chevy Apache truck parts won't fit other models in this group. Tri Five Chevy truck parts and 58-59 Chevy truck parts also differ from GMC, which typically featured a more shapely grille and bumper when compared to the less-flashy Chevy.

Like many cars of the era, the market for original 55-59 Chevy truck parts has dwindled. This is especially true for Tri Five Chevy truck parts, as the original "new" generation has a massive following. Thankfully, the market stepped in and now produces dozens of reproduction and performance Tri-Five and 55-57 Chevy truck parts, which are high-quality and made to the same specs as the originals.

But what about Chevy Apache parts? The Apache is one of the most sought-after trucks in the 55-59 GM line and also one of the most heavily modified by performance truck builders. Finding original Chevy Apache parts for sale on the used market is increasingly difficult these days—especially for affordable prices. Thankfully, there are numerous brand-new reproduction Chevy Apache parts for sale, along with many performance components, including engine and suspension parts.

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