45RFE Parts

The 45RFE automatic transmission, referring to its Rear wheel drive design and Full Electronic control system, was introduced in Chrysler’s Jeep Grand Cherokee for the 1999 model year. The 45RFE is known for its three planetary gearsets as opposed to the two normally used in 4-speed automatics. Also referred to as a “multi-speed automatic”, the 45RFE was commonly paired with the 4.7L PowerTech V8 engine. Speedway Motors carries all the top quality parts you need to keep that 4-speed RFE transmission performing at its best. Whether you’re working on a Ram, Dakota, or Jeep Grand Cherokee, be sure to shift into high gear with Speedway Motors, and get the latest and greatest in RFE aftermarket and performance components.

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Our warehouses aren’t stocked with junk - instead of cheap 45RFE parts, we stock 45RFE aftermarket parts that deliver on our promise of quality without breaking the bank. We are a trusted 45RFE Parts vendor backed by decades of automotive industry experience that other retailers simply can’t compete with. If you've searched for 45RFE parts near me, then Speedway Motors has you covered with our nationwide distribution network. We’re always ready to ship 45RFE restoration parts to your shop, so you can enjoy your time behind the wheel. From high-tech 45RFE accessories that give you an edge, to time-tested & proven parts that keep you in the chase, Speedway Motors is what moves you.

Why does Speedway Motors have the best parts for 45RFE ? We love getting under the hood just like you do, because from our warehouse to our call center team, our business is full of people who love cars and love to work on them. We take pride in the expert knowledge of our ace tech team, who are ready to answer questions about 45RFE performance upgrades - including making sure you have everything you need for your application. Since 1952 our family-owned company has forged a legacy built on dependable delivery, affordable prices, a specialized selection of quality parts, and the best 45RFE parts catalog available.