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$25 off $250 | $50 off $500 | $75 off $750 | $100 off $1000      Promo: STRONG    Expires: 4/30/20
$25 off $250 | $50 off $500 | $75 off $750 | $100 off $1000
Promo: STRONG    Expires: 4/30/20
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325, 5.7, 2000-6500 RPM Range, 223 Intake Duration

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RPM Range: 2000-6500

Intake Duration: 223

Exhaust Duration: 246

Intake Duration (.050" Lift): 223

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241, 270, 315, 325, 331, 354, 392

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Chrysler Small Block V8, Chrysler Hemi V8

On Sale

Gasket(s) Included: No

Gear Attachment: 1-Bolt

Bolts/Studs Included: No

Timing Chain Style: Double Roller

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Universal Fit, 2.32" Overall Length, Chromoly, Black

Overall Length: 2.32"

Material Type: Chromoly

Thread Pitch: 3/8"-24

Thread Pitch (2): 7/16"-14

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Universal Fit, 6061-T6 Aluminum, Purple Anodized

Material Type: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Finish: Purple Anodized

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Universal Fit, Billet Aluminum, Anodized Black

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Material Type: Billet Aluminum

Finish: Anodized Black

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Universal Fit, 2.62" Overall Length, Steel, Black Oxide

Overall Length: 2.62"

Material Type: Steel

Thread Pitch: 3/8"-24

Thread Length: .96"

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Universal Fit, 24.250" Overall Length, Plastic, Red

Overall Length: 24.250"

Overall Width: 4.000"

Overall Height: 2.750"

Material Type: Plastic

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Universal Fit, 2.667" Overall Length, Steel, Painted

Overall Length: 2.667"

Material Type: Steel

Thread Pitch: 7/16"-20

Thread Length: 1.000"

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Universal Fit, 1.25" Base Diameter, Aluminum, Anodized

Base Diameter: 1.25"

Inside Diameter: .76"

Compressed Length: 1.40"

Extended Length: 1.80"

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Universal Fit, 24" Overall Length, 4.75" Overall Width

Overall Length: 24"

Overall Width: 4.75"

Overall Height: 3.625"

Material Type: Plastic

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Universal Fit, Braided Aluminum, Anodized Red

Ships Free

Material Type: Braided Aluminum

Finish: Anodized Red

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Universal Fit, Steel, Zinc Plated

On Sale

Material Type: Steel

Finish: Zinc Plated

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Universal Fit, Black

Ships Free

Finish: Black

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