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in 1993 MR2
in 1993 MR2
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1989 Toyota MR2, 91-95 Toyota MR2, Direct Mount Type

On Sale

Mount Type: Direct

Includes Mounting Bracket(s): Yes

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Hyundai, Subaru, Yugo, Renault, Peugeot, Isuzu, Clear

Headlight Component: Bulb/Lens Assembly

OEM Replacement: Yes

Position: Driver and Passenger Side

Shape: Rectangular

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Universal Fit, 10.875" Overall Length, Steel

Overall Length: 10.875"

Overall Width: 7.250"

Overall Height: 6.500"

Material Type: Steel

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Universal Fit, 18 ft. Overall Length

On Sale

Overall Length: 18 ft.

Gauge Thickness: 2-gauge

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Universal Fit, 6" Overall Length, Aluminum

Overall Length: 6"

Centerline of Holes: 5.00"

Material Type: Aluminum

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Universal Fit, 6" Overall Length, Aluminum, Anodized

On Sale

Overall Length: 6"

Material Type: Aluminum

Finish: Anodized

Color: Black

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Universal Fit, 4 ft. Tube Length, .125" Tube O.D.

Tube Length: 4 ft.

Tube O.D.: .125"

Material Type: Nylon

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Universal Fit, 6" Overall Length, Steel, Natural

On Sale

Overall Length: 6"

Material Type: Steel

Finish: Natural

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Universal Fit, 1/8" Overall Diameter, 6" Wire Length

Overall Diameter: 1/8"

Wire Length: 6"

Bulb Type: LED

L.E.D. Color: Red

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Universal Fit, 0.25" Overall Diameter, LED Bulb Type

Overall Diameter: 0.25"

Lighting Type: LED

Bulb Type: LED

Includes Bulb and Socket: Yes

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Universal Fit, 2.62" Body Diameter, Ivory, Black, Blue

Ships Free
On Sale

Overall Diameter: 2.85"

Body Diameter: 2.62"

Body Length: 1.43"

Depth: 3.45"

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Universal Fit, 1.6" Body Diameter, Black, White, White

On Sale

Body Diameter: 1.6"

Gauge Face Color: Black

Needle Color: White

Lettering Color: White

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Universal Fit, 1.75" Outside Diameter, White, Red

On Sale

Overall Diameter: 1.6"

Outside Diameter: 1.75"

Gauge Face Color: White

Needle Color: Red

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Universal Fit, 0.75" Hole Diameter, Weatherproof

Hole Diameter: 0.75"

Switch Activation: Manual

Switch Actuation Style : Rotary

Voltage Rating: 6-36 volts

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Universal Fit, 12 volts Voltage, 12 ft. Wire Length

Ships Free
On Sale

Voltage: 12 volts

Wire Length: 12 ft.

Maximum Amperage: 50A

Weight: 33.05 lbs.

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1993 MR2