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in 1969 C20 Pickup
in 1969 C20 Pickup
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Chevy Small Block V8, 22.0" Overall Length, Steel, Red

Overall Length: 22.0"

Overall Width: 16.375"

Material Type: Steel

Finish: Painted

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1955 Chevy, 57-02 Chevy, Oval Track Cars, Steel

Material Type: Steel

Finish: Zinc Plated

Thread Pitch:

Hole Diameter: .39"

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Chevy Small Block V8, Aluminum, Natural

Material Type: Aluminum

Finish: Natural

Hardware Included: No

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Saginaw 3-Speed, Saginaw 4-Speed, Steel, Zinc Plated

Material Type: Steel

Finish: Zinc Plated

Hardware Included: Yes

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Modified, Pony Stock, Stock Car, Demolition Derby Cars

Degree of Taper: 7 degree

Diameter Small End : 0.50"

Top of Taper: 1.00"

Bottom of Taper: 0.464"

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Universal Fit, Pad Mount Scale Type, Aluminum, Satin

On Sale

Scale Type: Pad Mount

Scale Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs

System Load Capacity: 6,000 lbs

Scale Size: 15" x 15" x 2-1/2"

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Overall Height: 22.00"

Overall Width: 10.50"

Liquid Measurement: 5 gallons

Material Type: Plastic

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Modified, Pony Stock, Stock Car, 5.00" Overall Length

Overall Length: 5.00"

Degree of Taper: 10 degree

Diameter Big End: 1.00"

Diameter Small End : .50"

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Overall Height: 21"

Overall Width: 9.5"

Overall Length: 9.25"

Liquid Measurement: 5 gallons

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1969 C20 Pickup