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Fine Quality Parts for 1930s Antique Cars and Trucks

Speedway Motors is dedicated to preserving the history of America's most iconic vehicles. When you want an antique car that drives well and is reliable, you can depend on us for reproduction parts that fit with ease. Specializing in the 1930s era, we have some of the highest quality restoration parts on the market, at affordable prices. Just like you, we are passionate about keeping these memories on the road and running like new.

The vehicles designed and manufactured during the 1930s were an embodiment of all the powerful notions and ideals that came with this decade. Every car built during this decade in America was incorporated with a sense of great style and finesse. All American cars of the 1930s displayed a sense of innovation, style, and elegance.

The 1930s was a time of change. The 1930s era displayed great strides in the automotive industry, the most evident being the “Art Deco” design that came up with cars of that time. These cars stand out as the most intriguing and memorable automobiles of all time. The 1930s was the decade where cars evolved at a fast rate with drastic modifications compared to the prior decade. The cars of that era impacted stylishly how we see and use automobiles up to now.

The Art Deco movement emerged in the design of cars as well as other items such as rooms, towers, and swimming pools. Many of these iconic vehicles that are still recognizable today. The Art Deco movement began to take effect in the automotive industry during the 1930s, the result being a modern looking car with machine-inspired stylings, or streamlining. A streamlined shape allowed it to cut through the air like a knife. Though the Art Deco movement only lasted a short period of time, it had a lasting effect on car design and sparked a new interest in streamlining techniques.

The 1930s was a decade when new technologies and materials were incorporated into the creation of medium price range American cars. The development of hydraulic brakes made cars safer to drive. Glass windows and electric starters were widely adopted, and variable-speed windshield wipers were introduced. Having an electric starter meant there were no levers to pull when starting the car. Variable speed windshield wipers let drivers choose a setting depending on weather conditions.

The Great Depression gave car manufacturers an incentive to create more affordable cars that would reach a larger audience. The 1930s were years of economic disaster for America, and yet it also saw great advancements in automobile styling and construction. As a result, some of the most collectible cars ever built came from this decade.