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G-Comp Suspension systems. USA-Made suspension components. Old-school muscle, modern handling.

Made in the USA

G-Comp suspension kits make modern handling & high-tech engineering possible for anyone with a garage. G-comp suspensions are engineered to fit your ride. They’ll make your classic muscle beast handle with the best in autocross AND keep the wild personality intact.

And if you're one for explosive, violently tuned performance suspension, G-Comp will take you there. With a few adjustments, you'll have a ridiculously powerful suspension ready to unleash every ounce of power on the track.

Track-Tested and Race Competitive

We created Team Speedway to test and prove our craftsmanship. Team Speedway drove the Chevy II Nova alongside Corvettes and Camaros as hard as possible for years—and they won a lot of races. Along the way, we designed and re-designed to guarantee we brought the best possible system to market.

Road Ready, Track-Tested

Some people worry that race suspensions systems will ruin their cruising experience. G-Comp is designed to be customized from mild to wild, and everywhere in between. You can further customize shocks, springs and alignment to your desired specifications. We wanted G-Comp to be suited for street and track driving, and that’s how we made it.

Muscle Reborn

There's nothing like driving an old muscle car with too much engine. It's fast. It's aggressive. You have to work to keep it in control. G-Comp systems keep the muscle monster soul intact and add pro-touring suspension performance. The change all comes hooking power to the ground, superior handling of modern suspension, and the ability to corner hard with minimal body roll.


We designed G-Comp systems for perfectionists. Pick the best shocks, springs, and brakes for your driving style and dial in the perfect stance—it's all customizable so you can fine tune your drive to how YOU want it.

  • Front suspensions are complete bolt-in assemblies and replace the stock subframe
  • Vastly improved handling, ride and control
  • Front suspensions deliver optimal negative camber gain to keep tires planted on the ground
  • Lower center of gravity delivers improved handling.
  • Coilover shocks allow fine-tuned ride height and stance.
  • Power rack-and-pinion steering delivers quick and positive steering feel
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Rear Suspension Type: Solid Axle

Trailing Arm Style: Torque Arm

Suspension Kit Type: Conversion

Rear Coil Springs Included: No

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