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Fine Quality Parts for 1940s Vintage Cars and Trucks

Speedway Motors is dedicated to preserving the history of America's most iconic vehicles. When you want a vintage car that drives well and is reliable, you can depend on us for reproduction parts that fit with ease. Specializing in the 1940s era, we have some of the highest quality restoration parts on the market, at affordable prices. Just like you, we are passionate about keeping these memories on the road and running like new.

During the 1940s, America’s love of cars was at an all-time high. Many new models were introduced, and cars became more than just a mode of transportation. Flashy, Art Deco-style cars were the style of the decade, with lines that suggested speed and motion. Many designs were reminiscent of the aerodynamic “teardrop” shape that was popular before World War II as a styling element.

In the post-war seller’s market, manufacturers produced bigger, more powerful and flashier cars. It is not hard to see why motor manufacturers were eager to cash in on this sellers' market. This is the era in which the classic shape of the car as we know it today started to emerge.

The cars had to be tough, hardy, durable, and able to withstand the ruggedness of life in America. The two most popular cars of the 1940s were the Ford and the Chevrolet. Both had their own unique features that set them apart from each other. The Ford was the best selling car of the 1940s, due to its cheap price and good quality. The Chevrolet on the other hand, had a great engine with overhead valve technology that was fuel efficient. The Ford was considered to be one of the best built mass-market cars of its time. It was simple and reliable, almost becoming a necessity during the times of war.

The 1940s were also a time of incredible technological innovation. Cars were becoming safer and more efficient, and the traditional vehicle began to give way to more modern designs. The 1940s are widely known as the birth of the modern car. The decade brought about many innovative designs, which changed how we travel. Here is a list of the most influential American cars of this decade.