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MFG. Part #91606048
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Ensure that your ride is always ready to be shown off with this fully-loaded polishing kit from Wizards Products! Complete with Shine Master Polish & Sealant, Mist-N-Shine, Metal Polish, Bug Release, Metal Renew, Tire & Vinyl Shine, Power Clean, and the Water Bandit, it's never been easier to bring out the lustrous, swirl-free shine in your paint.

Kit Contents:

11033 Shine Master Polish & Sealant, 16 oz.

  • Easy on — easy off
  • Awesome gloss
  • No streaks or smears
  • No free silicone or wax
  • Excellent cleaning/tough poly acrylic protection
  • Safe for fresh paint, clear coat and Lexan
  • Use as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover, or finishing (show) glaze by hand or machine
  • Marine use: exterior sealant on gelcoat, paint or fresh paint
  • 16 oz

01214 Mist-N-Shine, 22 oz.

  • Adds a show-winning gloss and slickness
  • Brightens paint, chrome, plastics
  • Safe for fresh paint, show chrome, and Lexan
  • Hides swirls, will not scratch* or streak*, even in direct sun
  • Anti-static, perfect for spot cleaning or "dry washing" to remove dust, bugs, oily fingerprints and more
  • Contains no wax or petroleum solvents
  • Enhances gloss and protection between polishing with Shine Master
  • Shines motorcycles, cars, boats... even mirrors at home
  • Marine use; As a quick detailer/clean up. Removes fingerprints, streaks. Use on exterior, windshields, and windows
  • 22 oz

11011 Metal Polish, 3oz.

  • Fast cutting, highest gloss possible
  • Brightens and protects ALL metals: aluminum, chrome, stainless, brass, copper, nickel, etc
  • Removes tarnish, corrosion, oxidation, brake dust and tar
  • Safe for coated wheels, motorcycles and household applications
  • Marine use; on polished metals, rails, handles, tie ups, moldings
  • 3 oz

11081 Bug Release Bug Remover, 22 oz.

  • Quickly removes bugs and residue
  • Neutralizes acidic bug proteins
  • Safe for all vehicles’ paint, chrome, glass, and plastics
  • Non-Toxic — biodegradable
  • Use as a presoak or spot cleaner
  • 22 oz

11020 Metal Renew Liquid Polish, 8oz.

  • Fast cut, high gloss
  • Less messy to use
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Brightens and renews aluminum, brass, stainless steel, chrome and more
  • Creamy emulsion does not require constant shaking
  • Use by hand, power wheel, or with Metal Buffs Kit #11099
  • Marine use; on polished metals, rails, handles, tie-ups, moldings
  • 8 oz

11055 Tire & Vinyl Shine, 22 oz.

  • Great for tires and motorcycle seats
  • Non-greasy, non-slippery
  • Beautifies vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic, exterior trim and more
  • Anti-static, forms a dry shield to protect
  • No residue to attract dust or transfer to clothing
  • Water-based, non-toxic formula can be easily removed for paint preparation
  • Adjustable gloss: high, medium, natural
  • Marine use: for interior seats, cover, rubber moldings, trailer tires
  • 22 oz

11088 Power Clean Cleaner & Degreaser, 22 oz.

  • Non-caustic, contains no acid.
  • Contains environmentally-friendly surfactants.
  • Cleans tires and raised white letters.
  • Dissolves oil, road grime and brake dust.
  • Use as a grease, wax and silicone remover.
  • Safe for interiors: dashboard, seats, floors.
  • Super spot remover for carpets.
  • Marine use: For exterior algae removal, For interior seats, carpet and plastic cleaning.

11066 Water Bandit Chamois Cloth

  • Absorbs 3 times faster than an ordinary leather chamois
  • Soft and gentle, never lints and will not shed
  • Unharmed by grease, oil or solvents; sensitive on paint
  • Easy to wring out — drip-free
  • King size 27""x17"" (3.19 sq. ft.)
  • Includes space-saving storage case
  • Machine washable
  • Multi-purpose, works on Autos, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, and Homes
  • Marine use: After rain, washing or sitting in water


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Wizards Products 91606048 Specifications

MFG. Part #91606048
BrandWizards Products
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