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Universal Fit, Left Position, Round Rotor Shape, Plain

    Key Specs

    Rotor ShapeRound
    Rotor Diameter11.75 Inch
    Rotor TypeVented
    Rotor StyleSlotted

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    Wilwood 160-13500 Details

    Wilwood's GT 48 Curved Vane Spec-37 rotors are manufactured from a proprietary iron alloy developed to withstand extreme temperatures with the highest possible degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cracking, and wear. The formulation for this alloy is a derivative of technology and materials that were significant in the development of the extreme duty military spec rotors that are manufactured by Wilwood. Every Spec 37 rotor is precision machined to less than .001" run-out, flatness, and parallelism. Combined with the proven GT Series asymmetrical face slot pattern and individual dynamic balancing, you are assured the smoothest, vibration free performance at any speed. These rotors provide the highest cooling capacity and longest service life for extreme braking short tracks and road course competition.

    • Spec-37 Iron
    • 10.4 Pounds
    • Width: 1.21 Inch
    • Diameter: 11.75 Inch
    • Mount Side: LH
    • Vane Count: 48 CV
    • Type: GT
    • Style: GT Slotted
    • Surface Finish: Plain
    • Balanced
    • Suitable for high temperature racing to street use


    Proper Break-In Procedure for Steel or Cast Iron Rotors

    New steel/iron rotors should be bedded in before being used in racing conditions. Proper bedding will prepare the rotor surface, prolong the rotor's life, and make it more resistant to thermal checking or cracking under severe braking conditions. The following procedures should be performed when bedding in both steel and cast iron rotors. It is best to bed in a new rotor using a used set of pads, preferably ones which will not create heat rapidly. Generating heat too rapidly will thermal shock the rotors. Likewise, when bedding in a new set of brake pads it is best to perform the process on a used rotor. This new/used bedding process permits controlled bedding of each individual component.

    Make sure rotor surfaces are free from oils, grease, and brake fluid. Run vehicle up to a moderate speed and make several medium deceleration stops to heat up the rotor slowly. This will help reduce the chance of thermal shock caused by uneven heating of the rotor. Pull into the pits and allow the rotor to cool to ambient air temperature. Care should be taken not to ride the brakes into the pits as this may hot spot the rotor causing premature wear to the surface or structural damage.

    Check out our tech article; "Bedding-In Brake Pad Procedure" for more information on this process.

    Wilwood 160-13500 Specifications

    MFG. Part #160-13500
    Rotor ShapeRound
    Rotor Diameter11.75 Inch
    Rotor TypeVented
    Rotor StyleSlotted
    Rotor Material TypeSpec-37 Iron
    Speedway Motors Catalog Part #835-16013500
    Rotor FinishPlain
    Rotor Thickness1.21"
    Vane Count48 Curved Vane
    Rotor Hat Bolt Pattern8 x 7.00"
    Lug ID6.38"
    Inside Diameter8.34"
    Weight10.4 lbs.
    Sold in QuantityEach
    GTIN Code889545039061