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Front Position, Dual: 5 on 4" | 4.50" Bolt Pattern

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    Bolt PatternDual: 5 on 4" | 4.50"
    Rotor Diameter11 Inch
    Rotor TypeVented
    Caliper PistonsFour

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    Wilwood 140-11019 Details

    Wilwood's new Pro-Series Front Hub Kits for Chrysler, Dodge & Plymouth 1973-1980 A,B,E & F-Body vehicles, offer disc brake upgrade solutions for both OEM Disc spindles. We have completely redesigned our Pro Series line of brake kits using a larger 11" rotor and new forged aluminum hubs with the express purpose of maintaining the factory wheel position. This new kit offers an upgrade to 4 piston caliper with no offset change over the original disc brake positioning. Based on the venerable forged billet Dynalite caliper, these versatile kits are easily optioned to suit the braking requirements and style preferences for a daily driver, serious competition, or the most discriminating show enthusiast. Most vehicle applications require no modifications for installation, and provide plenty of clearance inside popular 15" wheels. FDLI Pro-Series kits can be used with either manual or power boost master cylinders. Kits come complete calipers, rotors, hub assembly, brackets and hardware. Requires purchase of additional brake lines shown below.


    1973 Dodge Challenger All
    1973 Dodge Charger All
    1973 Dodge Coronet All
    1973 Dodge Dart Disc Brake Spindle
    1973 Dodge Dart Demon All
    1973 Plymouth Barracuda All
    1973 Plymouth Duster All
    1973 Plymouth Roadrunner All
    1973 Plymouth Satellite All
    1973 Plymouth Scamp All
    1973 Plymouth Valiant Disc Brake Spindle
    1974 Dodge Challenger All
    1974 Dodge Charger All
    1974 Dodge Coronet All
    1974 Dodge Dart Disc Brake Spindle
    1974 Dodge Dart Demon All
    1974 Plymouth Barracuda All
    1974 Plymouth Duster All
    1974 Plymouth Roadrunner All
    1974 Plymouth Satellite All
    1974 Plymouth Scamp All
    1974 Plymouth Valiant Disc Brake Spindle
    1975 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1975 Dodge Charger All from 5/75
    1975 Dodge Charger All to 5/75
    1975 Dodge Coronet All
    1975 Dodge Dart Disc Brake Spindle
    1975 Dodge Dart Demon All
    1975 Plymouth Duster All
    1975 Plymouth Fury Except Gran Fury
    1975 Plymouth Roadrunner All
    1975 Plymouth Scamp All
    1975 Plymouth Valiant Disc Brake Spindle
    1976 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1976 Dodge Aspen All
    1976 Dodge Charger All
    1976 Dodge Coronet All
    1976 Dodge Dart Disc Brake Spindle
    1976 Dodge Dart Demon All
    1976 Plymouth Duster All
    1976 Plymouth Fury Except Gran Fury
    1976 Plymouth Scamp All
    1976 Plymouth Valiant Disc Brake Spindle
    1976 Plymouth Volare All
    1977 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1977 Chrysler Lebaron All
    1977 Dodge Aspen All
    1977 Dodge Charger All
    1977 Dodge Diplomat All
    1977 Dodge Monaco All Except Royal
    1977 Plymouth Fury Except Gran Fury
    1977 Plymouth Volare All
    1978 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1978 Chrysler Lebaron All
    1978 Dodge Aspen All
    1978 Dodge Charger All
    1978 Dodge Diplomat All
    1978 Dodge Magnum All
    1978 Dodge Monaco All
    1978 Plymouth Fury All
    1978 Plymouth Volare All
    1979 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1979 Chrysler Lebaron All
    1979 Chrysler New Yorker All
    1979 Chrysler Newport All
    1979 Dodge Aspen All
    1979 Dodge Diplomat All
    1979 Dodge Magnum All
    1979 Dodge St. Regis All
    1979 Plymouth Volare All
    1980 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1980 Chrysler Lebaron All
    1980 Chrysler New Yorker All
    1980 Chrysler Newport All
    1980 Dodge Aspen All
    1980 Dodge Diplomat All
    1980 Dodge Mirada All
    1980 Dodge St. Regis All
    1980 Plymouth Volare All
    1981 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1981 Chrysler Imperial All
    1981 Chrysler Lebaron All
    1981 Chrysler New Yorker All
    1981 Chrysler Newport All
    1981 Dodge Diplomat All
    1981 Dodge Mirada All
    1981 Dodge St. Regis All
    1982 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1982 Chrysler Imperial All
    1982 Chrysler New Yorker All
    1982 Dodge Diplomat All
    1982 Dodge Mirada All
    1982 Plymouth Caravelle All
    1983 Chrysler Cordoba All
    1983 Chrysler Fifth Avenue All
    1983 Chrysler Imperial All
    1983 Dodge Diplomat All
    1983 Dodge Mirada All
    1983 Plymouth Caravelle All
    1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue All
    1984 Dodge Diplomat All
    1984 Plymouth Caravelle All
    1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue All
    1985 Dodge Diplomat All
    1985 Plymouth Caravelle All RWD only
    1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue All
    1986 Dodge Diplomat All
    1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue All
    1987 Dodge Diplomat All
    1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue All
    1988 Dodge Diplomat All
    1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue All
    1989 Dodge Diplomat All


    Wilwood 140-11019 Specifications

    MFG. Part #140-11019
    Bolt PatternDual: 5 on 4" | 4.50"
    Rotor Diameter11 Inch
    Rotor TypeVented
    Caliper PistonsFour
    Caliper FinishPowder Coated
    Parking Brake ProvisionNo
    Minimum Recommended Wheel Diameter14 Inch
    Rotor ShapeRound
    Hardware IncludedYes
    Spindle TypeDrop Spindle
    Rotor StylePlain Face
    Front Rotor IncludedYes
    Front Rotor Diameter11 Inch
    Front Caliper IncludedYes
    Front Caliper Piston Quantity4
    Front Caliper FinishPowder Coated
    Rear Caliper IncludedNo
    Front Spindles IncludedNo
    Master Cylinder IncludedNo
    Brake Booster IncludedNo
    Brake Hoses IncludedNo
    Rear Rotor IncludedNo
    Rotor Thickness0.81"
    Stud Diameter1/2-20
    Mount TypeLug
    OE Hub Offset0"
    Total Piston Area4.80 sq. in.
    Piston TypeStainless
    Pad Area6.36 sq. in.
    Pad Volume2.1 cu. in.
    Brake Pad CompoundBP-10
    Caliper TypeLug
    Rotor FinishNatural
    Rotor Material TypeIron
    Vane Count30 Straight Vane
    Stud Diameter 21/2-20
    GTIN Code889545011968
    Brake Lines IncludedNo
    Caliper ColorBlack
    Caliper Material TypeForged Aluminum