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Universal Fit, Four Caliper Pistons, Ano, Aluminum

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    MFG. Part #120-14701
    Caliper PistonsFour

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    Wilwood 120-14701 Details

    Dynapro Dust Seal Radial Mount

    Dynapro four piston dust seal radial mount calipers (DPR-DS) are an example of Wilwood’s continuing upgrade and improvement processes. Combine pure race technology with a new generation of Wilwood performance enhancements. The Dynapro-DS combines the versatility of radial mounting with a sleek profile, superior strength, and extreme durability in adverse conditions. The addition of dust wiper seals allow this caliper to be used in localities that require a method of environmental sealing. With an overall weight as light as 3.58 pounds, the Dynapro series of calipers has become a favored choice for a broad range of sports, rally, and off-road driving applications.

    The strength of the Dynapro is a combination of process and design. The process of stess-flow forging re-aligns the internal grain structure of the metal to flow within the contour of the caliper body. This produces a part with superior strength over machined block billet parts or castings. The FEA generated body design features a radial transition between the piston bores and caliper bridges. This eliminates macined steps and shoulders in this critical strength area and substantially increases the resistance against deflection and body separation under high load. Structural deflection and volume displacement testing have proven the efficiency of this innovative design. The bottom line is a firm pedal with outstanding stopping power.

    The Dynapro is available in three configurations. Standard calipers for rotors up to 12.19” feature dust-sealed stainless steel pistons for maximum protection against track or road born debris in intermediate to high temperature applications. A long radius version is available to accommodate rotors up to 13.00”. Competition models that use Thermlock insulated pistons to provide addition protection against heat transfer from the pads. All Dyanpro calipers can also be optioned with Thermlock pistons for maximum thermal protection in sustained high-heat applications.

    Wilwood 120-14701 Specifications

    MFG. Part #120-14701
    Caliper PistonsFour
    Rotor Diameter12.19 Inch
    Rotor Thickness0.81"
    FinishType III Anodized
    Material TypeAluminum
    Total Piston Area3.00 sq. in.
    Pad Area6.36 sq. in.
    Pad Volume3.00 cu. in.
    Mount TypeRadial
    Piston TypeStainless
    GTIN Code889545083484