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5 on 4.5" Bolt Pattern, Steel, Natural

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    Whether you’re restoring a vintage circle-track car or just need to create a special wheel offset, Speedway offers separate steel wheel centers and rims for building custom wheels. Centers have a 12-5/8" O.D. and fit 15" shells.

    • Strong 1/4” stamped steel construction for racing use
    • 5 lug wheel pattern on a 5 x 4-1/2" bolt circle pattern
    • Bare finish can be painted after assembly
    • Welding is required to complete the wheel assembly

    Learn more about determining the proper wheel offset, torque sequence, and bolt pattern for your application by reading our tech article. Racing Wheel Principles.

    Item Details

    5/8" Centering lip
    1-7/8" from flange to back of centering lip
    2-1/2" from flange to front of centering lip