Product Summary

Universal Fit, Manual Steering Box Type, Cast Iron

  • All new casting and internal components ensure a tight and positive steering feel
  • Popular for early hot rods when using cross steering which reduces or eliminates bump steer
  • Convenient kit includes the correct mounting bracket and pitman arm along with our popular Vega steering box
  • Durable cast iron construction with precision machined steel internal components
  • Must be adjusted for optimal and preferred driver feel upon installation per included instructions

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9163220
BrandSpeedway Motors
Steering Box TypeManual
Steering Box OrientationRear Steer
Steering System TypeCross-Steer

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Speedway Motors 9163220 Details

  • Precision cast reproduction of the popular Chevy Vega manual steering box
  • All external dimensions match original Vega steering box, including mounting holes
  • Original 20:1 steering ratio with five turns lock-to-lock maintained
  • Cast from premium cast iron material with steel internals, painted black
  • Pre-filled with lightweight gear/bearing grease
  • Designed for rear steer mounting with solid axle cross-steer applications
  • Do not use for vehicles weighing more than 2,800 lbs.
  • 5/8-36 spline input shaft with 1-inch output shaft
  • Kit includes weld-on mounting bracket for Model T to 1934 Ford frames
  • Plain steel non-offset pitman arm with double-tapered tie-rod end hole included
  • More comfortable steering column angle and less engine interference/fitment issues
  • Vega manual steering box greatly reduces bump steer in straight axle front ends
  • Steering box play adjustment must be checked before driving

A Quality Reproduction for Your Hot Rod Build

Hot rodding’s history will show the ingenuity of early hot rod builders and how they built their cars from just about any parts they could get their hands on that was an upgrade to the original items on their ride. It didn’t matter who the manufacturer was, these early hot rodders were not platform disciples, building their cars with whatever parts they could get their hands on and that made an improvement. It was completely common to see an early Ford hot rod with a Chevy engine, Buick drum brakes, and so forth.

This hot rodding resourcefulness continues to this day with nostalgia and period builds, and back in the 1970s it wasn’t uncommon to see similar upgrades installed just like their forefathers, including that small block Chevy engine and more. One popular upgrade in the ’70s that is still used today for popular cross steer applications in early pre-war hot rod builds is the Chevy Vega steering box.

This steering box was extremely popular for its compact size and ease of conversion to work in a hot rod. Back then these boxes were plentiful in salvage yards, as they could be found on many GM vehicles of the day, including the Vega and Monza, Pontiac’s Astre and Sunbird, and the Oldsmobile Starfire, all of which were made up to 1980 (except the Vega and Astre, which ended production in 1977). However, it is now well into the 21st century and even the newest production steering box you’ll find is over 40 years old with untold mileage and wear. Speedway Motors to the rescue with our exact reproduction Vega steering box for your next hot rod build!

Premium Materials Provide a Lifetime of Service

We know finding good usable parts is getting more difficult with each passing year, and the Vega cross steering setup is a perfect example. We set out to build a quality reproduction Vega steering box using the best materials to save you the pain of trying to find a good used box or buying a “rebuilt” box that has nothing more than fresh grease in it and the free play adjusted out of it. We start with a gear box housing cast from iron and machined to proper specs that is then deburred and polished smooth before being given a bath of beautiful chrome plating. We then fill this gear box with reproduction recirculating ball components including the steel block, worm gear, and precision steel balls, and updating the stock shaft bushing to full roller needle bearings. Finally, a high-temp grease is used to lubricate the internals and we give it a tough coat of gloss black paint. Free play is loosely set from the factory, and we highly recommend checking and setting steering free play on your completed steering linkage installation using the included instructions.

Original Mounting Pattern Works with Compatible Frames and Mounting Brackets

The Vega steering box is popular for a reason, both back in the day and today. Like a true hot rodder will attest, using parts that are plentiful and cheap was the way to go in the past. Today, these parts are used up and hard to find, so creating a new reproduction part is the answer. We stayed true to the Vega steering box’s dimensions and mounting pattern and our kit is the perfect answer to those with Model T through 1934 Ford frames looking to add a Vega steering box. We provide the weld-on mounting bracket along with our plain steel non-offset pitman arm. This pitman arm is double tapered at the tie-rod end, allowing you to install your drag link from the top or the bottom for best clearance.

Just like the original Vega steering box, ours is a five turns lock-to-lock 20:1 steering ratio. Simply add your Vega spec steering column U-joint to our reproduction Vega steering box kit to connect your new Vega steering box to the steering column of your choice. Please keep in mind that the Vega steering box weight rating means it works best on vehicles weighing less than 2,800 pounds. For heavier applications we suggest our Saginaw 525 style manual steering box, which uses the same mounting bolt pattern as the lighter duty Vega unit.


Kit includes:

Speedway Vega Steering Box

  • 20:1 steering ratio
  • 5 turns lock-to-lock

Steel Vega Pitman Steering Arm

  • Plain finish
  • Non-offset design
  • Double-tapered "Ford" tie rod end hole (lets you attach the drag link on the top or on the bottom)

Vega Steering Box Mount

  • Fits Model T thru 1934 Ford frames
  • Weld-on design



Speedway Motors 9163220 Specifications

MFG. Part #9163220
BrandSpeedway Motors
Steering Box TypeManual
Steering Box OrientationRear Steer
Steering System TypeCross-Steer
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #916-3220
Steering Ratio20:1
Turns Lock to Lock5 Turns
Material TypeCast Iron
Input Shaft Spline Count36
Input Shaft Diameter0.63"
Output Shaft Spline Count32 and 4 master
Output Shaft Diameter1"
Overall Length5.75"
Thread Pitch10 mm mounting holes
Centerline of Holes4.375"
Sold in QuantityKit