Product Summary

T4 Turbine Housing Inlet Flange

  • 78/75 configuration has a 78 mm compressor inducer and 75 mm turbine exducer
  • Billet aluminum compressor wheel pushes the power rating to 1150 flywheel horsepower max
  • Open T4 exhaust housing with .96 A/R ratio and 3” V band clamp exhaust outlet
  • Well suited for V8 engines between 300 and 360 cubic inches with a 1000+ hp goal
  • Journal bearing center section with 1/8”NPT oil feed and standard T4 style drain flange

Key Specs

Turbine Housing Inlet FlangeT4
Turbine Housing Outlet Flange3 Inch V-Band
Volute TypeOpen Scroll
Compressor Housing A/R Ratio0.96
Turbine Wheel Exducer Size75 mm

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  • Cast-iron .96 A/R ratio turbine housing with standard T4 inlet flange and 3-inch V-band outlet
  • Journal bearing center housing with 1/8-inch NPT oil feed and T4 oil drain flange
  • Cast aluminum compressor housing with slip fit 4-inch inlet and 3-inch outlet
  • 75mm exducer/83mm inducer 9-blade turbine wheel
  • 78mm inducer/102mm exducer billet aluminum compressor wheel
  • Rated to 1,150 flywheel HP (typical 300-360ci engine will net 800 at the tire)
  • Works well for single turbo LS swap builds or most any V8 engine combination
  • Universal turbo designed for custom fabricated turbo applications and custom builds
  • Great midrange turbo with higher quality than cheap online turbo options

Your Custom Turbo Build Begins Here

Chances are your daily driver has at least one turbo on it, as all the major manufacturers offer small displacement turbocharged engines in cars and light duty trucks to help fuel economy. Or perhaps you have a turbo diesel truck to pull your car trailer. Whether it is that daily driver, the show field, or the race track, turbos are getting a lot of attention these days. It’s not hard to agree that we can all thank the popularity of TV shows like Roadkill and magazines like Hot Rod where junkyard LS swaps are performed, and they strap on a cheap turbo in the name of maximum horsepower for minimum dollar. It makes for great viewing and sells magazines, but in the end they usually fail spectacularly.

We know you work hard for every extra dollar you want to put into your project and that’s why we offer quality parts at competitive prices. If you’re considering building a turbo LS combo, or looking at going to a turbo on any engine for that matter, we offer the VS Racing line of turbochargers that combine quality materials and great power output in a industry standard package that leaves plenty of change in your budget for supplemental parts such as intercoolers, blow off valves, wastegates, and more for the rest of your turbo build project.

Quality Build Materials for Years of Trouble Free Boost

Not all turbos are built the same. There is a lot of cheap junk out there and those that have bought said junk soon regret it. We all love a deal, but there are certain parts you should spend a little more for peace of mind and a turbocharger is certainly one of them. This is why the VS Racing turbo is built for the long haul with quality journal bearings, high temperature seals, and more. 

Starting with a precisely machined cast iron turbine housing that uses the popular T4 mounting flange and 3-inch V-band clamp outlet, VS Racing fits their billet aluminum compressor wheel and oil cooled journal bearing center housing assembly and then finishes the turbo with its cast aluminum compressor housing with 4-inch inlet and 3-inch outlet.

The standard T4 exhaust inlet flange means the turbo will easily mount with any T4 mounting flange you decide to run, and the 3-inch outlets are easily plumbed with your choice of 3-inch tubing. The exhaust side uses standard V-band clamps to secure, while the compressor outlet uses slip-on connections that are easily retained using 3-inch hose couplers and T-bolt style clamps.

The 7875 turbo size makes great power on most any V8 displacement of 300 cubic inches or larger and is the perfect start for the popular 5.3 LS turbo kit swap. Spool up is quick with the .96 A/R turbine housing and billet compressor wheel, netting an average of 800 wheel horsepower on a typical small block with supporting components for airflow versus its cast turbine wheel version.

We Have Everything Your Custom Turbo Build Needs

Those bargain online 7875 turbo deals may save a quick buck, but then leave you on your own to source everything else to make your boosted dreams reality with statements like “no instructions, professional installation recommended” and so on. We love boost just as much as the next person and we have the parts on the shelf to ensure your turbo build happens without delays.

Take our T4 oil feed and drain kit, which has everything you need to plumb your engine’s pressurized oil to the turbo’s center housing assembly. To get your turbo’s hot oil back to the pan for cooling you’ll need our T4 oil drain adapter along with the AN -10 fitting of your choice. At the oil pan you’ll need to add an AN -10 weld on bung fitting or you can bolt on our LS swap oil pan with built in turbo oil drain fitting if you need a swap pan anyway.

For those you considering building a turbo LS combo with twin turbos (one is good, two is great right?) then you might want to use our LS twin turbo oil drain timing covers. We offer these custom oil drain timing covers in both a Gen 3 and Gen 4 version for your LS twin turbo build.

Lastly, we have everything you need to build out your hot side and cold side systems, including turbo headers for numerous applications, and LS turbo manifolds like our LS cast iron turbo manifolds and LT cast iron turbo manifolds for your hot side. While air intake tubing, air filters, and intercooler piping are available to finish your cold side build. Not to mention many accessories, from boost and air/fuel ratio  gauges, to AN fittings, plumbing, and more can all be found via our category search or just drop what you’re looking for in our search box!

Build the 78mm turbo combo of your dreams with our VS Racing 7875 turbo as the heart of your project build and be ready for the crowds when you open the hood at your next event!


MFG. Part #VSR7875NXT96O
BrandVS Racing
Turbine Housing Inlet FlangeT4
Turbine Housing Outlet Flange3 Inch V-Band
Volute TypeOpen Scroll
Compressor Housing A/R Ratio0.96
Turbine Wheel Exducer Size75 mm
Turbine Housing A/R Ratio0.96
Turbocharger Bearing StyleJournal Bearing
Turbocharger StyleS400
Compressor Housing IncludedYes
Compressor Housing MaterialAluminum
Compressor Housing FinishNatural
Turbine Housing IncludedYes
Turbine Housing MaterialCast Iron
Turbine Housing FinishNatural
Compressor Wheel Inducer Size78 mm
Compressor Wheel Exducer Size102 mm
Compressor Wheel ConstructionBillet Aluminum
Compressor Outlet StyleSlip-Fit
Compressor Outlet Size3"
Ported Compressor HousingYes
Turbine Wheel Inducer Size83 mm
Wastegate TypeExternal
Oil Feed Fitting1/8" NPT
Oil FlangeStandard T4 Drain
Oil Flange Thread PitchM8 x 1.25
Wastegate Actuator IncludedNo
Turbocharger CoolingOil
Exhaust Adapter IncludedNo
Intake Adapter IncludedNo
Oil Adapters IncludedNo
NotesCompressor Inlet Size: 4"
Sold in QuantityEach