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Utility Jug with Funnel, Blue, 5 Gallon





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5 gallons Liquid Measurement, Plastic, Blue

    Comes as a Kit

    Key Specs

    MFG. Part #9108495
    BrandSpeedway Motors
    Liquid Measurement5 gallons
    Material TypePlastic

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    The utility jug is one of those items we almost couldn’t live without, especially in the racing world. Not to mention how popular dirt bikes, ATV’s and side by sides are getting. These jugs are perfect for people who need to transport or store large amounts of liquid of any kind. If you are ready for the superior utility jug of your dreams, Speedway Motors has just the ticket! We offer this utility jug with two handles to help prevent spilling and to allow easy lifting and pouring. The handles are placed in the perfect position for ergonomic comfort and ease of use. If you’re looking to fill ‘er up there are many more advantages to our utility jugs than what the other guys are offering. These jugs feature premium heavy-duty construction made of tried and true polyethylene material for long-lasting life. They also have a durable screw top lid and include a replaceable filler neck hose kit for pouring. Every inch of these jugs features rugged built integrity with a tough square base for easy transportation or storage of liquids without spillage or leaks. Speedway Motors offers these jugs in a few combination options that make ordering easy and foolproof. If you have multiple rigs or needs for a utility jug combo then this is the deal for you.

    Included in this kit, finally, is a funnel with a handle! Features a 10" opening for easy pouring, and the D-shape allows you to squeeze it into tight places. Plus, it can easily be stored without rolling around. This kit is available in Blue, Red, or Purple.

    Kit Includes:

    • (1) Two-Handled 5-Gallon Utility Jug
      • Two handles to prevent spilling
      • Allows easy lifting and pouring
      • Blue
    • (1) Utility Smart Funnel with Handle
      • 10" opening
      • D-shape
      • Handle
      • Blue

    Note: These utility jugs are not designed or intended to contain fuel. Your use of utility jugs as fuel containers may violate the law of your state. Please check your own state law for the legal requirements pertaining to the use of these utility jugs. Item number 696-9002 is a jug made to legally contain fuel.

    Replacement vent cap 696-92002


    MFG. Part #9108495
    BrandSpeedway Motors
    Liquid Measurement5 gallons
    Material TypePlastic
    Sold in QuantityKit