Product Summary

  • Universal fit application for suspension, steering, chassis bracing, and more
  • Constructed from stainless-steel tube with a 0.875" tube O.D.
  • Available in multiple lengths from 25-1/2-inches up to 54-inches in length
  • High quality stainless-steel can be polished to compliment your ride
  • Ends are threaded for 5/8"-18 RH/LH thread pitch to use rod ends, clevis pins, or bushings

Key Specs

MFG. Part #
Garage Sale TypeCloseout
Thread Pitch5/8"-18 RH/LH
Overall Length
Material TypeStainless Steel

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  • Bare unpolished stainless-steel tube for suspension and other chassis uses
  • Use for four-link, as a radius rod, Panhard bar, chassis bracing, and more
  • Ends threaded 5/8-18 LH and RH threads for rod ends or bushings of your choice
  • Available in 18 lengths from 25-1/2-inches to 54-inches long
  • Outside diameter of tube is .875-inch
  • Single rotation will adjust the overall length in or out by approximately 1/8-inch
  • Order by center-to-center measurement required for application

When You Are Building More for Show Than Go

We know that a lot of enthusiasts enjoy their hot rods and muscle cars with near stock performance because they are more into appearance and the sound their car makes. A flashy paint job, a lot of chrome and polished parts, the perfect wheel and tire package for the right stance, and a great sounding exhaust are all these enthusiasts need to be happy. These enthusiasts feel right at home “hard parking” at the local cruise in and are not so much concerned about the lightest racing parts and making gobs of horsepower. To these enthusiasts a detailed chassis with polished suspension arms, stainless hardware, and more is what makes their world go ’round, and we’re here to serve these enthusiasts just as much as our performance and racing customers!

Stainless Steel Construction for Strength, Ready for Polishing

We offer these super strong stainless steel threaded tubes for your project in a bare, unpolished finish. Due to the high chromium content of stainless steel these will resist corrosion much more capably than bare steel tubes. Plus, the stainless can be polished to a mirror like finish if desired. Available in 18 different lengths from 25-1/2-inches to 54-inches, these stainless tubes are threaded to accept 5/8-18 rod ends, bushings, or clevises with left-hand and right-hand threads. This allows the adjusting sleeve to be mounted between two points of adjustment, such as the frame and rear axle (in a four-link setup) or as a drag link or tie rod in a steering system, among other fitment applications. Rotating the threaded tube moves the threaded ends of your choice inward or outward for adjustment. For the 5/8-18 thread ends these stainless-steel sleeves utilize this equates to roughly 1/8-inch of adjustment for each full rotation of the hollow threaded tube.

Great for Chassis and Suspension Builds

Wherever you wish to add the benefit of high corrosion protection to your build, be it radius rods, a four-link setup, or elsewhere, it is easy to figure out exactly what you need for your ride. Simply measure the center-to-center distance of your two adjustment or mounting points and then order the closest length to that measurement. The rod ends, bushings, or clevises you choose will add 3 inches to the overall length. So, if your measurement is 45-inches, that is what you will order from the drop-down menu, however the tube you will receive will be 42-inches in length. The 45-inch length will be your final length once you have threaded in your ends approximately halfway. So, remember, order by center-to-center length, not just the threaded tube length, to get the correct length you need for your application.


MFG. Part #
BrandSpeedway Motors
Garage Sale TypeCloseout
Thread Pitch5/8"-18 RH/LH
Overall Length
Material TypeStainless Steel
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #916-33
Tube O.D.0.875"
Sold in QuantityEach