Product Summary

Universal Fit, 10.78" Overall Length, Aluminum, Natural

  • Universal aluminum bomber seat mounting brackets allow approximately 6 inches of adjustment
  • Mounting holes to seat not drilled due to unlimited combinations
  • Fabrication required to mount to bomber seats
  • Universal Fit works best with our 91070057 and 91070062 bomber seats
  • 10.75 inches long and 8 inches tall with mild rear radius to match our welded bomber seats

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91070059
BrandSpeedway Motors

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  • Designed to work with our welded Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seats
  • 1-1/4-inch dimple die holes for weight savings and traditional hot rod looks
  • No pre-drilled mounting holes to attach to bomber seats
  • Bolt, rivet, or weld brackets to your bomber seats
  • Floor mounting flange pre-drilled for attaching hardware (not included)
  • Rounded radius matches our Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seats
  • Minor trimming or modification may be required on other bomber seats

Aluminum Mounting Brackets That Look the Part

If you are installing a set of our Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seats, either the smooth back bomber seats or the lightened bomber seats, these seat mounting brackets are sure to help you get your seats mounted just right without any hassle. Constructed of .100-inch aluminum (that is just shy of 1/8-inch thick for those that prefer fractional measurements) and dimple die stamped for strength that matches our lightened bomber seats, these seat brackets are 10.75 inches long and 8 inches tall. The material is easily trimmed for any seat mount configuration you may desire, as some modification may be necessary depending on each individual installation scenario.

These Aluminum Bomber Seat Mounting Brackets can be secured to your bomber seats via rivets, nuts and bolts, or they can be welded directly to the bomber seat sides once you have properly configured your seat mounting location and seat angle. Due to the many variances in vehicle mounting and seat position we do not drill the seat mounting brackets for attachment holes to the seat. Once you have the position locked in for your seat it is easy to mark and drill through both the seat and the mounting bracket if you are not planning to weld them together.

These universal seat brackets are not designed for the Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seat DIY kit, but with some minor modifications may be suitable as custom seat brackets for mounting this style of seat as well. Our steel Adjustable Seat Riser seat brackets may be a better choice for the rivet together DIY seats.



MFG. Part #91070059
BrandSpeedway Motors
Overall Length10.78"
Overall Height8.00"
Overall Thickness.10"
Hole Diameter1.25"
Centerline of Holes3.25"
Material Thickness.10"
Material TypeAluminum
Hardware IncludedNo
Sold in QuantityPair
NotesFabrication required to attach to the seat, either rivet, nut/bolt, or welding