Product Summary

Universal Fit, 18" Overall Length, Steel

  • Includes Universal Double D Steering Shaft & U-Joint
  • Overall length of steering shaft 18", overall diameter 0.75"
  • Universal joint is 3.875 inches long and 1.375 inches in diameter
  • Forged Vanadium steel yokes and u-joint
  • Features needle bearing u-joints

Comes as a Kit

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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Create your own steering systems and designs with quality components from Speedway Motors. We packed together a stick of our Double D steering shaft and a Sweet U-joint to make designing and fabricating your unique steering shaft that much simpler!

Kit Contains:

  • (1) Speedway Motors 18 Inch Double D Steering Shaft
  • (1) Sweet Mfg Universal Steering U-Joint, 3/4 DD to 3/4 DD

Speedway Motors 18 Inch Double D Steering Shaft

Speedway now offers a steering shaft that is 3/4" DD machined the entire length of the shaft. This makes it easier to set up your steering. The carbon steel steering shaft comes in 18".

  • Overall Length: 18 Inches
  • Overall Diameter: .75"

Sweet Mfg Universal Steering U-Joint, 3/4 DD to 3/4 DD

Don't jeopardize your safety with inferior quality steering components. Speedway offers only the finest steering U-joints available. Made by Sweet Manufacturing. This universal joint is 3.875 inches long and 1.375 inches in diameter.

  • Full complement bearings
  • Forged Vanadium steel yokes and u-joint
  • Highest quality for racing
  • Features needle bearing u-joints
  • U-Joint=3.875" L x 1.375" D
  • 30 Degree angle
  • Set screw included


When purchasing U-Joints, 3 easy steps will help ensure that they will be correct for your application.

Be sure to measure the diameter of the shaft and count the number of splines on the shaft. Some shafts have a blank spot ground on one side. To get the correct number of splines, use a flat edge and cover the blank half of the shaft through the diameter and count the splines on the other half. Multiply that number by 2, thus giving you the total number of splines on the full circumference of the shaft.

Choose which shaft type best suits your application: 3/4" weld on, 3/4" DD or 1" DD.

With these two pieces of information at hand, refer to our chart to find the appropriate part number of the u-joint for your specific application.


BrandSpeedway Motors
Overall Length18"
Overall Diameter0.75"
Material TypeSteel
Sold in QuantityKit