Product Summary

Universal Fit, Single Joint Universal Joint Style

  • Beautifully polished stainless steel material is perfect for show car builds
  • 3/4" double D shape eliminates the need to weld U joints on
  • Shaft profile is double D the entire length of the shaft which allows you to cut the shaft to your desired length
  • U-joint overall length measures 3-3/4" and the shaft diameter is 3/4"
  • Maximum operating angle is 38-degrees

Comes as a Kit

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BrandSpeedway Motors
Spline CountNo splines

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Steering U-Joint

These polished stainless steel steering U-joints look great and use a pinch bolt on each end for easy installation.

This particular steering universal joint is made to fit 3/4"DD shafting on both sides. Both sides incorporate the pinch bolt design.

Learn more about u-joints and steering systems by reading our tech article. U-Joint Selection and Design.

NOTE:  These u-joints contain a safety feature that requires the DD steering shaft to be notched for pinch bolt clearance. Once notched, the pinch bolt MUST be torqued to 45 ft/lbs to ensure a tight fit.


Steering Shaft

As featured on Classic Truck’s Week to Wicked. Watch the transformation here!

Steering shafts that are just plain looking look kind of silly with those shiny stainless steel U-joints. Our polished, stainless steel, double D steering shaft would be more compatible. We offer steering shafts in 18", 22", and 36" cut to fit lengths.

Note: These steering shafts WILL NOT work on Unisteer u-joints part numbers 910-300 and 910-230. We recommend using Sweet Mfg. joints listed below. 


When purchasing U-Joints, 3 easy steps will help ensure that they will be correct for your application.

Be sure to measure the diameter of the shaft and count the number of splines on the shaft. Some shafts have a blank spot ground on one side. To get the correct number of splines, use a flat edge and cover the blank half of the shaft through the diameter and count the splines on the other half. Multiply that number by 2, thus giving you the total number of splines on the full circumference of the shaft.


Choose which shaft type best suits your application: 3/4" weld on, 3/4" DD or 1" DD.

With these two pieces of information at hand, refer to our chart to find the appropriate part number of the ujoint for your specific application.


BrandSpeedway Motors
Spline CountNo splines
Universal Joint StyleSingle Joint
End #13/4" DD
End #23/4" DD
Shaft Diameter0.75"
Material TypeStainless Steel
Sold in QuantityKit