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MFG. Part #97349927
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 97349927 Details

This kit links your rear axle to the Track-T frame mounts using quarter elliptic springs, upper radius rods & a Panhard bar. Quarter elliptic springs not included in kit (sold separately). Builder can cut their own springs from a pair of factory leaves as well. For maximum performance, use Composite Quarter Elliptic Mono-Leaf Springs 974-49934 (sold separately).

Kit includes: 

  • Large Panhard bar/right shock mounting bracket
  • Left shock mounting bracket
  • (2) Radius rod mouting brackets
  • (4) Spring mounting brackets
  • Spring clamp plates
  • (2) Rear radius rods, 21" (cut length)
  • Panhard bar, 22.5" (cut length)
  • (3) Spherical rod ends, 5/8" right side standard male
  • (3) Jam nuts, 5/8" right side
  • (3) Spherica rod ends, 5/8" left side standard male
  • (3) Jam nuts, 5/8" left side
  • (2) Bolts, 5/8" UNF x 5"
  • (4) Bolts, 5/8" UNF x 2"
  • (6) Lock nuts, 5/8" UNF

Speedway Motors 97349927 Specifications

MFG. Part #97349927
BrandSpeedway Motors
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #973-49927