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    MFG. Part #916251
    BrandSpeedway Motors

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    Speedway Motors 916251 Details

    Easily store your tire grooving iron in the correct position with this tabletop stand. Due to the extreme heat they create (1,000°F+), tire grooving irons should always be stored with their tip facing up. Laying them horizontally on the ground will get the handle and the metal too hot, along with major amounts of convected heat rising or reflected off of the floor. Keeping the handle over the heating element for even a short amount of time will render the handle too hot to grab, and will eventually melt the handle.

    Reduce the risk of fires and burns while ensuring the long life of your tire iron by following proper operating procedures, and storing it the correct way with this stand. Always use extreme caution when using tire grooving irons, as they will reach over 1,000°F.

    • Store your tire grooving iron the correct way
      • Tire grooving tools require the tool to be vertical when it is plugged in and at rest
      • Improper storage will melt handles and greatly increase the risk of burns of fires
    • Tabletop stand design keeps groover upright while allowing easy access
    • Works with Speedway 445-250 and Ideal 445-251 Tire Grooving Irons


    Speedway Motors 916251 Specifications

    MFG. Part #916251
    BrandSpeedway Motors
    Sold in QuantityEach