Product Summary

  • Constructed from 1" OD 6061 aluminum and swage formed on each end for the ultimate combination of weight and strength
  • 5/8"-18 threads with RH threads in one end and LH threads in the other which allows easy length adjustment by spinning the tube
  • Knurled section provides extra grip when spinning tube for adjustment
  • Use along with aluminum rod ends and jam nuts for the ultimate light weight assembly
  • Available in 13.5" to 31" length to suit a variety of applications

Key Specs

Tube O.D.1.000"
Thread Pitch5/8"-18 RH/LH
Overall Length
Material TypeAluminum

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  • Natural 6061-T6 aluminum tube for radius rods, four-link, control arms, and more
  • Suitable for suspension, steering, and chassis on larger race cars
  • Ends threaded 5/8-18 LH and RH threads for rod ends, bushings, or clevises of your choice
  • Available in 20 lengths from 13-1/2-inches to 31-inches long
  • Outside diameter of tube is 1.00-inch
  • Thin wall construction with swedged ends offers lighter weight than comparable non-swedged tubes
  • Single rotation will adjust the overall length in or out by approximately 1/8-inch
  • Knurled surface to aid in rotating the tube to make required adjustments
  • Order by actual length measurement required for application

Swedged Tubing Provides Similar Strength with Less Weight

Weight is the enemy of a race car. Any time you can save weight without reducing integrity or creating an unsafe situation you will benefit. Utilizing aluminum tubing for such things as control arms, Panhard bars, steering linkage, and more are all great ways to not only save weight but allow your suspension and steering to react faster to changes in the track surface, which ultimately keeps your race car’s tires in contact with the racing surface for precise throttle, braking, and steering control that can put you in the winner’s circle.

One easy way to save weight is to replace heavy wall steel suspension and steering tubes with thin wall aluminum versions that utilize a swedged end. As aluminum is lighter than steel with similar strength characteristics it is the perfect upgrade to these suspension and steering pieces when sized properly for the application. Weight savings are further realized with the thinner wall dimensions of the aluminum tube versus a comparable steel tube of the same outside diameter. Swedging the ends of the aluminum tubing shrinks the outside diameter down, which thickens the wall of the tubing in the area where threads are created for the heim joint, bushing, or clevis end piece to be installed. This critical area is cold formed, which further strengthens the aluminum tube. Swedged aluminum tubes, on average, are 30 percent lighter than their steel counterparts while meeting the same strength requirements.

Multiple Lengths to Fit Any Race Car Application

We offer these super strong aluminum threaded tubes for your project in a bare finish. They are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum and are available in 20 different lengths from 13-1/2-inches to 31-inches. These natural finish aluminum tubes are threaded to accept 5/8-18 rod ends, bushings, or clevises with left-hand and right-hand threads. This allows the adjusting sleeve to be mounted between two points of adjustment, such as your frame and rear axle, among other fitment applications. Rotating the threaded tube moves the threaded ends of your choice inward or outward for adjustment. For the 5/8-18 thread ends these aluminum sleeves utilize this equates to roughly 1/8-inch of adjustment for each full rotation of the hollow threaded tube. This allows for precise adjustment of your suspension arms, steering linkage, or other chassis adjustment on your race car.

Great for Chassis and Suspension Builds on Sprint Cars

Wherever you wish to save weight by using an aluminum adjustable threaded tube in your race car, be it for a steering linkage, chassis support, or elsewhere, it is easy to figure out exactly what you need. Simply measure the center-to-center distance of your two adjustment or mounting points, subtract 3-1/2-inches for your rod ends, bushings, or clevises you choose and then order the closest length to that measurement. So, if your final measurement after subtracting the 3-1/2-inches for your ends is 18-inches, that is what you will order from the drop-down menu.


MFG. Part #
BrandSpeedway Motors
Tube O.D.1.000"
Thread Pitch5/8"-18 RH/LH
Overall Length
Material TypeAluminum
Thread Pitch (2)
Sold in QuantityEach