Product Summary

Universal Fit, 2.61" Overall Diameter

  • Ohm range measures 240 when empty and 33 when full
  • Overall diameter is 6.21" and measures 12" in length
  • Bolt hole pattern is 5 on 2.20"
  • Can be shortened to 6.00"
  • Compatible with all Stewart Warner and Classic Instruments fuel gauges

Key Specs

MFG. Part #385B-F
BrandStewart Warner

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Choosing a fuel level sender:

What brand of gauge will you use?
Speedway carries the excellent Stewart Warner brand of fuel senders. They are compatible with all Stewart Warner and Classic Instruments fuel gauges.

How deep is your tank?
Measure the depth of your tank where the fuel sender arm will be located. Choose the sender with an operating range which includes that dimension.

Right or left-swing arm?
Most fuel gauge senders attach with a 5-screw pattern. 2 of these screws are farther apart than the other 3. Position yourself such that the 2 wider-spaced holes are closest to your chest; a right side sender will have the arm (or "float") extending to your right, and a left side sender will have the arm extending to your left. This only matters when replacing an existing sender. A first-time installation can use either one, just drill the mounting holes accordingly.

The OEM’s used several different resistance ranges for fuel level indication over the years. However, some of the aftermarket gauge manufacturers follow the common Stewart Warner values (240 ohm empty – 33 ohm full). The gauges and senders that we carry (385 & 391’s) use these standard Stewart Warner values.



MFG. Part #385B-F
BrandStewart Warner
Overall Diameter2.61"
Overall Length12.00"
Bolt Hole Pattern5 on 2.20"
Ohm Range240 empty, 33 full
Sold in QuantityEach
NotesCan be shortened to 6.00"
Height AdjustableYes