Product Summary

Universal Fit, Chambered Muffler Type, Steel, Painted

  • This two chamber muffler provides an aggressive exterior tone while eliminating interior drone
  • Twin baffles reduce interior noise levels while still delivering deep powerful tones
  • Compact 9.75" x 13" x 4" body with an overall length of 19"
  • 3" ID inlet and outlet allow for slip fit over 3" exhaust pipes
  • Offset inlet and offset outlet fits well in many hot rod and muscle car applications

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9301008
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Looking for a great sounding muffler that won't break the bank? Speedway Welded Chamber mufflers offer many high-end features at a budget price. These 2-chamber mufflers provide an agressive exterior tone while eliminating the interior "drone" found in single baffle designs. Plus, the twin baffle design creates a scavenging effect to help pull the exhaust through the muffler, increasing horspower and torque. They feature a fully welded steel case with no internal packing to burn up or blow out. Quality materials and construction combined with a black hi-temp coating ensures long life and durability.

  • Heavy 16-gauge material with fully welded seams
  • 2-chamber design improves exhaust scavenging over other muffler designs
  • Twin baffles reduce interior noise levels while delivering deep, powerful tone
  • Design eliminates the "drone" found in single baffle designs
  • Compact 9.75" x 13" x 4" body with an overall length of 19"
  • Black hi-temp coating
  • Offset inlet
  • Offset outlet
  • Fits 3" diameter exhaust pipe


MFG. Part #9301008
BrandSpeedway Motors
Muffler TypeChambered
Inlet Diameter3.00"
Outlet Diameter3.00"
Overall Length19.00"
Overall Width9.75"
Body Length13.00"
Overall Height4.00"
Material TypeSteel
Inlet LocationOffset
Outlet LocationOffset
Outlet QuantityOne
Inlet QuantityOne
Sold in QuantityEach