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Oval Track Cars

  • Unique design is easy to use
  • Uses up to six common utility knife blades
  • Billet aluminum handle with curved plastic base
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • No power source required

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MFG. Part #91082060
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 91082060 Details

  • Perfect for siping tires used in motorsports
  • Two handle design aids in cutting stability
  • No power source required or cords to manage
  • Tough billet aluminum body construction with nylon base
  • Uses easy to find standard utility knife blades sourced locally
  • Cuts up to six sipes with each pass of the tool
  • Depth of cut adjustable by loosening thumb screws and setting to desired depth

Maximize Your Tire’s Traction by Adding Grooves and Sipes

If you race on dirt you know that track conditions change throughout race day and many will ask how to increase traction on tires. From a high grip surface that can be wet and slinging mud to a shiny black or even hard and dusty surface as the laps pile up and the sun goes down, tire traction can change dramatically. While there are different tire compounds you can choose from to aid in traction depending upon the track’s bite, one thing many experienced racers do is modify their dirt tires by adding grooves and sipes to the tread blocks.

What is tire siping and grooving? Well, grooving is just that, cutting grooves in the tread where you are removing rubber, while siping is where you make a thin cut (like a razor blade) but no material is removed. These cuts can be made in various widths and directions to enhance traction and get the tire up to temperature faster but can also be used to increase a tire’s longevity by helping it run cooler too. It is all in how the tire is cut.

Learning how to cut a tire with a tire groover and sipe your own tires is a bit of a black art, but a good racer will keep a logbook of modifications and can reflect on past track conditions to see what size groove and angle worked best previously. The same goes for tire siping. Often you can lean on a fellow racer for grooving and DIY tire siping advice or reach out to the tire manufacturer for suggestions on how its tire products react to certain grooving and siping cuts. Regrooving tires that have been sanded down and brought back to life is one way to save some money in your race budget too versus buying new rubber for your race car.

Built Tough to Handle Any Tire

Siping tires on your dirt racer takes some effort, but our Super Siper tire siping tool is built to take it. We start off with an ergonomic billet aluminum body for strength and attach a secondary grip point to the body that can take the pressure of cold-siping your racing tires. Then we finish it off with a curved nylon base that allows smooth movement across the tire’s contact patch. The Super Siper tool utilizes easy to source common utility knife blades for cutting sipes in your dirt track racing tires tread blocks.

Siping Your Tires Could not be Easier

Our Super Siper tire siping tool is unique in how you can set up the cutting blades. You can install a maximum of six blades, which are spaced .140-inches apart in groups of three with a 5/8-inch gap between the two blade groups. If you remove the center blade from each group, the spacing becomes .280 inches.

Depth is controlled by a pair of thumb screws for quick and easy depth adjustments. Generally, you will want your sipes to be 1/8-inch to 3/16-inch in depth and no more than 1/2 the depth of the tread block.

However, our Super Siper (depending upon the blade you use) can cut even deeper, which is great for off-road mud tires or winter truck tire use! Most racers will find having more sipes on the front tires and less on the rear is the best combination. Sipe spacing is also determined by the size cutting blades used, with the further apart the sipes the cooler the tire will run.

Make the Move and Start Improving Your Tire’s Traction Today

While siping your tires takes some trial and error and an ability to read a track surface, in the end, tire siping dirt track racing tires with additional sipes is just another tool in a racer’s toolbox of tricks and tips to help them get to the front of the pack and stay there until the checkered flag drops. It does not matter if you are racing a Late Model or Sprint Car, doing some competitive rock crawling, rally racing, or even mud drags, modifying your tires with our Super Siper tire siper is sure to benefit your racing program by providing the ideal tire, making your tires grip the surface better and put just the right amount of heat into them.


 Sanctioning bodies that allow tire grooving/siping (in specific classes) include IMCA, Wissota, USRA, USMTS, UMP


 1 Year

Speedway Motors 91082060 Specifications

MFG. Part #91082060
BrandSpeedway Motors
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