Product Summary

Universal Fit, Chrome

  • Don't let the potholes win! This steering stabilizer eliminates vibrations and wobble transferred through the steering system
  • For use with straight axle front suspensions and manual steering making this perfect for your hot rod
  • 7/8" ID clamps are provided to make this an easy bolt-on DIY installation
  • Beautiful chrome plating looks perfect on show cars as well as daily drivers
  • Add driver comfort to your hot rod while also decreasing component wear and tear

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9161932C
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 9161932C Details

If you’re wary of driving your hot rod because of wobbles, bump steer, and all of the vibrations of the road rattling through your steering system and into your arms, a steering stabilizer is just what you need. In the same way that a shock absorber helps to limit excessive spring oscillation, a steering stabilizer eliminates vibrations transferred through the steering system, stifles wobble, reduces bump steer effects, decreases wear on tie rod ends, and dampens the shock effects of hitting a pothole. Don't let the potholes win. It's time to restore confidence in your ride, enjoy more shows and Sunday cruises, more double-takes, and even (why not?) more errands!

Our steering stabilizer features a universal design for lightweight street rods and hot rods with straight axle front suspension and manual steering. It is easily adapted to both traditional (push/pull) and cross-steer (Vega box) steering systems. With a small amount of fabrication, those of you with split-wishbone suspension can also enjoy the benefits of a stabilizer (drilling and tapping a hole).

If it wasn't already too-good-to-be-true, here's an added bonus: these are simple to install. The damper has a 6" stroke, and when installed, should be at the center of its stroke with the wheels straight ahead. This ensures full turning radius in both directions. Each end of the damper has a clamp that fits over 7/8" O.D. tubing; one end fastens to a bar that moves with the steering (tie rod or drag link), while the other end attaches to a suspension link that does not move with the steering (like a tubular radius rod). Once both of these ends are attached, your steering has been successfully stabilized!

  • Universal design for lightweight street rods/hot rods
    • Use with straight axle front suspensions and manual steering
    • Damper eliminates vibrations through the steering system
    • Works with traditional (push/pull) or cross steer (Vega box) systems
    • Can be used with split wishbones (requires some fabrication)
  • Adds driver comfort/decreases component wear
    • Dampens wobble that’s translated through the steering wheel
    • Dampens the shock effects of hitting a pothole
    • Reduces the feeling of bump steer that’s translated through the steering wheel
    • Decreases wear on tie rod ends
  • Easy bolt-on installation w/ included clamps
    • Damper should be at the center of its 6" stroke when the wheels are straight ahead
    • Mounts clamp to 7/8” O.D. tubing
    • One end fastens to steering tie rod/drag link
    • One end fastens to a suspension link


  • 13.75" Collapsed length center eye to center stud
  • 19.75" Fully extended center eye to center stud
  • 1/4" Stud outer diameter
  • Body is 1-5/8" diameter on large dimension, 1" dia. on small dimension

Speedway Motors 9161932C Specifications

MFG. Part #9161932C
BrandSpeedway Motors
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