Product Summary

  • Fantastic tool and is a ‘must have’ for making custom fabricated tube chassis, roll cages and header/exhaust work
  • Works well with 9/16" to 2" O.D. tubing, useful in joining different sized tubing
  • Ideal for anything that you need to put an angle onto the end of either round or square tubing for tight notches and perfect fit
  • Incorporates and includes a built-in protractor gauge to quickly and easily set the degree angle of the tubing where end matches up to mating tubing
  • Takes the challenges and difficulty out of making 40° to 90° angled tubing joints and makes angled tubing joints quickly and accurately

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91689400
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Makes angled tubing joints from 40° to 90° quickly and accurately. Is a must have for making custom roll cages and exhaust headers/manifolds.  Works well with 9/16" to 2" O.D. tubing and is useful in joining different sized tubing. Compatible with drill press or 1/2" power drill. 

Spanner wrench, 1-3/4" hole saw blade, and threaded reducer are included.



MFG. Part #91689400
BrandSpeedway Motors