Product Summary

Universal Fit, 15 Inch Wheel Diameter, 8" Width, Chrome

  • Constructed from high quality steel with precision stamped 3/16" thick centers that are fully welded
  • Available in a beautiful chrome plated finish that pops with any exterior color
  • 15-inch diameter steel wheel clears most 11-inch disc brake kits and factory drum brakes
  • Dual five-lug wheel bolt pattern of 5x5 and 5x5-1/2 fits GM and Ford truck applications
  • Center caps, trim rings, lug nuts, and tire valve stems sold separately

Key Specs

Wheel Diameter15 Inch
Wheel Bolt Pattern (in.)5x5 in. | 5x5.5 in.
Wheel Bolt Pattern (mm)5x127 mm | 5x139.7 mm
Wheel Backspace2.5"

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Speedway Motors 91051581-CHR Details

  • 15-inch diameter provides a period appearance for hot rods and classic cars
  • Strong steel construction with smooth stamped non-vented center
  • Features 5x4-1/2/5x4-3/4 or 5x5/5x5-1/2 dual 5-lug bolt pattern
  • Available in 5-, 6-, 7-, 8- and 10-inch widths, including two 8-inch “reverse” style
  • Offered in classic chrome plated finish
  • Uses standard 60-degree conical lug nuts (not included)
  • Center bore of 3-1/4, 3-5/8, and 4-1/4-inch fits over most axle flanges and brake hubs
  • Wheel backspacing available in 2-1/2-, 3-, 3-1/2-, 4-, 4-1/4, and 4-1/2-inch measurements
  • Utilizes push-in or bolt-in valve stems (sold separately)
  • Center cap and trim rings not included

Give Your Ride the Timeless Look of Smoothie Wheels

The true meaning of hot rodding post WWII was all about doing more with less and finding usable parts in the junkyard from other models. In the 1940s and 1950s there wasn’t the huge aftermarket support there is now for wheel styles. It would be another decade before American Racing’s aluminum wheels would hit the market. One of the first “custom” wheel styles was called the reverse wheel. This was simply a standard passenger car vented steel wheel with the center cut out, reversed, and welded back into the rim to provide a deep dish look. These were often chrome plated or painted to match the car with a trim ring and chrome lug nuts used to dress up the painted version.

Sometime in the 1970s the advent of the “smoothie” wheel surfaced. This was still a steel wheel, which kept costs low, but the center stamping no longer had any sort of venting slots or openings. The smooth look was often accompanied by a trim ring of some sort and a lug nut cap. This lug nut cap was often referred to as a “dog dish” cap due to its outward appearance as a dog dish when removed. Many also referred to the smooth lug nut cap as a “baby moon” cap, named so after the appearance of the full moon wheel covers made popular in land speed racing and made famous by Dean Moon’s shop as Moon discs. While the original Moon discs and baby moon caps were spun aluminum, today there are several options in material types and finishes. These early smoothie steel wheels were found most often in 14- and some 15-inch sizes and that is what Speedway Motors has recreated for your classic hot rod, muscle car, or truck.

A Classic 15-Inch Steel Wheel Perfect for A Period Style Build

As popular as large diameter wheels are with the Restomod and Pro Touring crowds, there are still many enthusiasts that prefer a period looking wheel diameter on their rides. A classic 15-inch wheel with 60- or 70-series 15-inch rubber just looks right to them, and who are we to argue! It’s a timeless look that works on many vehicles from the 1930s up through the 1980s. From 15x6 at all four corners, or a staggered 15x8 smoothie wheels up front and 15x10 smoothie wheels in the rear, our 15-inch steel wheels will look right at home on your ride. Our smoothie 15-inch steel wheels are available in 5-inch through 10-inch widths (with two 15x8 smoothie wheels available in a “reverse” wheel center design). Our 15-inch smoothie steel wheels will clear most 11-inch disc brake kits and will work with most standard front or rear drum brakes thanks to the wheel’s center bore opening of 3-1/4-inch on 5x4-1/2/5x4-3/4 5-lug wheels, 3-5/8-inch on 5x5/5x5-1/2 5-lug wheels, and 4-1/4-inch on 6x5-1/2 6-lug smoothie wheels.

Premium Steel Construction for Strength and Simplicity That Is Easy to Stylize

Our steel smoothie wheels are made from high strength cold rolled steel rims that feature precision stamped centers without vents that are welded to the rim. The smoothie wheels are held to exacting tolerances, minimizing wheel runout, and providing a wheel assembly that takes minimal weight to balance. The timeless look of smoothie steel wheels never goes out of style and works with hot rods, rat rods, customs, classic trucks, and more. You have your choice of raw steel smoothie wheels, perfect for custom painting or powder coating to compliment your vehicle’s exterior color scheme, or bright chrome smoothie wheels.

Our steel smoothie wheels do not include a center cap; however, we do offer several custom center cap options to customize your smoothie wheels on your ride. These include various Ford and Chevy licensed logos to provide a unique OE-like fitment to your build, as well as a traditional “baby moon” style center cap. For our raw 15-inch steel wheels once painted or powder coated you can also add additional styling with a trim ring too. These wheels will require the appropriate 60-degree conical lug nuts for your wheel stud size for mounting. The valve stem hole is compatible with both push-in and bolt-in tire valve stems. Lug nuts and valve stems are sold separately, so be sure to grab the correct number of lug nuts for your wheel bolt pattern and a valve stem for each wheel when ordering your steel smoothie wheels!


Speedway Motors 91051581-CHR Specifications

MFG. Part #91051581-CHR
BrandSpeedway Motors
Wheel Diameter15 Inch
Wheel Bolt Pattern (in.)5x5 in. | 5x5.5 in.
Wheel Bolt Pattern (mm)5x127 mm | 5x139.7 mm
Wheel Backspace2.5"
Wheel Offset-51 mm
Wheel Backspace Range2.500" - 2.999"
Beadlock IncludedNo
Wheel ConstructionWelded steel
Material TypeSteel
Wheel Material TypeSteel
Beadlock FunctionalNo
Offset-12 mm
Wheel Center FinishChrome
Wheel Rim Finish Chrome
Center Bore Diameter3.625"
Sold in QuantityEach
Valve Stem IncludedNo
Lug Nut Seat Style60 Degree Conical
Center Cap IncludedNo
Bolt Pattern5 on 5" | 5.5"
Lug Nuts IncludedNo