Product Summary

  • Standard "poker" size cards at 2-1/2" by 3-1/2"
  • Bright white casino quality paper stock with plastic protective coating
  • Custom Speedway Motors themed suit and face card graphics
  • Complete deck of 52 playing cards plus five bonus cards
  • Speedway Motors 70th Anniversary celebration item, once they sell out, they're gone for good

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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  • Custom printed deck of cards with Speedway Motors themed suits
  • Standard playing card size of 2-1/2-inches by 3-1/2-inches for use in any card game
  • Casino quality glossy white paper stock with protective plastic coating
  • Complete playable deck of 52 playing cards (four suits of 13 cards each)
  • Bonus two “fuzzy dice” joker, two vehicle, and one Speedway logo cards (57 cards total)
  • Packaged in collectible 70th Anniversary Speedway Motors cardboard box
  • Printed and manufactured in the USA exclusively for Speedway Motors
  • 70th Anniversary product, once we sell out, they are gone forever

Game Night Will Never Be the Same Once You Use a Deck of Speedway Motors Cards

From a calming game of solitaire to that legendary Saturday night poker game you’ve been having with your friends for the past 15 years, there’s nothing quite like the feel of a casino quality deck of cards to enhance your game. Only you don’t have to go all the way to Las Vegas to get a deck of cards for your next card game. Save that traveling money for project car parts and simply add a set of our exclusive and limited 70th Anniversary playing cards design to your next order!

Manufactured exclusively for Speedway Motors, this standard 52-card deck is printed with Speedway Motors themed card backs, custom suits, and face card graphics. These sharp looking designer playing cards come in standard “poker” card size of 2-1/2-inches by 3-1/2-inches. Printed on casino quality glossy white paper card stock they feature a plastic laminated protective coating for many years of gaming fun, so don’t worry about that spilled drink or leftover wheel bearing grease on your hands, these playing cards clean right up. These playing cards are manufactured right here in the USA for our 70th Anniversary celebration!

Packaged in a collectible cardboard box, this limited edition deck of cards includes two “fuzzy dice” joker cards, two Speedway Motors vehicle cards depicting some of our past project vehicles and race cars, and a Speedway Motors brand logo card. That’s a total of 57 designer playing cards in our collectible deck. You’ll want to order several for game night, to give to friends, and to stash away for later, but don’t wait to order! We only had so many of these special 70th Anniversary decks made, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! So, act now!


BrandSpeedway Motors
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