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  • Kit includes: (2) Pack of 10 Steel Cleco Fasteners - 3/16", (1) Pack of 10 Steel Cleco Fasteners - 1/8", (1) Pack of 10 Cleco Sheet Metal Clamps, (1) Holding Tray for Cleco Pliers/Fasteners/Clamps, (1) Steel Cleco Fastener Pliers
  • Great for Circle Track use or test fitting panels
  • Works with thicknesses up to 1/4"
  • Sold in pack of 10
  • Heavy duty pliers

Comes as a Kit

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MFG. Part #91602014
BrandSpeedway Motors

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 Now offering this value added Complete Cleco Kit w/ Tray

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Pack of 10 Steel Cleco Fasteners - 3/16"
  • (1) Pack of 10 Steel Cleco Fasteners - 1/8"
  • (1) Pack of 10 Cleco Sheet Metal Clamps
  • (1) Holding Tray for Cleco Pliers/Fasteners/Clamps
  • (1) Steel Cleco Fastener Pliers

Cleco Fasteners

Cleco pins are a definite must for sheet metal fabrication. They're basically spring-loaded, removable pop rivets that allow you to hold two pieces of sheet metal together in proper alignment for drilling or riveting. They work great for Circle Track use for test-fitting panels before they're permanently attached to your vehicle.

The pins work with thicknesses of up to 1/4 in.

  • 3/16 Inch
  • Pack/10

Sheet Metal Clamps

When combined with our cleco fasteners, these cleco clamps are a real time saver when installing body and interior kits. Cleco fasteners eliminate the need to drill into the body.

Cleco Holding Tray

Now you can organize and store your cleco when not in use.  This sturdy aluminum carrier will allow you to sort and hold (10) 3/16", (10) 5/32", and (10) 1/8" cleco's.  It also has space to store 10 clamps and your Cleco pliers.

Cleco Pliers

Speedway Motors has you covered when it comes to the tools and supplies that you need to have on hand to get the job done right. These Cleco pliers are quality-made, unique tools that readily install and remove Cleco fasteners. Time saver when installing body and interior kits.


MFG. Part #91602014
BrandSpeedway Motors
Sold in QuantityKit