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195 °F Operating Temperature

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    MFG. Part #910Z18353
    BrandSpeedway Motors

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    Our New PWM will bring your project car into the 21st century for the best in cooling efficiency.

    Control the power!

    When you hear people talking about Pulse Width Modulators (PWMs) for their electric fan shrouds, it’s highly likely you’re asking yourself the same question as many people do, “what in the world are you talking about”? To make it simple, a PWM is a complete wiring harness that will control the amount of power that is supplied to your brushed fan motor or motors. Traditionally a brushed fan has two speeds, ON and OFF. In other words, the fans are either not operating at all, or going at 100% power. With a PWM you have the advantage of a “soft start” and the fans operating at the speed needed to do the cooling that is required based on the reading of the temperature sensor. When we say “soft start”, we are avoiding any damaging amp spike that you get when starting up a fan. It eliminates the high current in-rush, hence no idle pull down or overloaded connections. The PWM allows you to draw only the power necessary and will ramp up from zero amps to the required draw for cooling the engine.

    • 195 degree temperature sensor for PWM Cooling Fan Controller Kit
    • Speedway Motors PWM Cooling Fan Controller Kit 910Z18350 required



    MFG. Part #910Z18353
    BrandSpeedway Motors
    Sold in QuantityEach
    Operating Temperature195 °F