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  • 2-1/4" core thickness
  • 19" high x 26" wide
  • Aluminum construction, natural finish
  • 1-1/2" inlet size
  • 1" tube size and filler neck size

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9108572
Radiator StyleDouble Pass
Radiator Flow DirectionCrossflow
Material TypeAluminum

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Your search for your Chevelle or Impala stub Modified's cooling components just became a breeze! We threw all of the basics that you will need for a double-pass setup with a mechanical fan into one simple kit. All you'll need to do fill up the radiator then hit the track!


This kit includes:

Speedway SBC Universal Double-Pass Aluminum Radiator

This double pass radiator works well for oval track racing applications where maximum efficiency is needed. The double-pass design offers a 5° to 20° coolant temperature drop versus a standard, single-pass radiator with equal core size. 

100% all-aluminum construction. The furnace-brazed core increases durability compared to other radiators with epoxy-glued or crimped-gasket sealing methods. Two rows of 1" aluminum tubes allow this radiator to out-cool a similarly sized radiator with five rows of copper tubes. A rugged billet aluminum filler neck with screw-in bleed is also included.

All-aluminum, furnace-brazed construction

No cheap epoxy glue or crimped in gaskets

Maximum amount of fins per inch allows greater heat transfer

26" width

Aluminum Fan Shroud Kit for engine-driven fan

The adjustable collar will accommodate 15"-20" fan diameters.

Measures 19-5/8" tall x 20-1/2" wide x 2-5/8" deep.

Allows the installer the choice of off-center, side-to-side and above the radiator fan positioning

Includes fully-formed shroud of .063" lightweight aircraft aluminum

3" trimmable collar

Includes all the necessary hardware and mounting instructions

SBC Aluminum 15° Swivel Water Neck, Black

Includes 2 stainless steel bolts and o-ring gasket.

Water Outlet Restrictor Kit

Three aluminum water outlet restrictor plates with 5/8", 3/4" and 1" diameter holes.

Gates 25480 Vulco-Flex II Flexible Radiator Hose, 1-1/2" x 20"

Gates 26502 Vulco-Flex Green Stripe Radiator Hose, 1-3/4" x 16-1/2"

Internal spiral wire bonded to the I.D. of the hose, which prevents collapsing and kinking while positively retaining the spring.

Designed to replace straight or curved coolant hoses, bends in almost any direction

Excellent flexibility, yet collapse and kink resistant

Heat resistant construction throughout

(2) COMP Cams G31240 Gator Brand Hose Clamps, 1.625-2.375" Range

(2) COMP Cams G31232 Gator Brand Hose Clamps, 1.250-2" Range

Edges of the band are rolled to prevent any sharp edges from damaging the hose

Constructed of continuous stainless steel band with extruded, asymmetrical threads

Asymmetrical (offset) gear box employed to reduce clamp twist when tightening

Combination of asymmetrical gear box and extruded threads provides even clamping force over surface of hose

Hold up under 3.7 ft./lbs. (5nm) torque

High-Pressure Radiator Cap, 20lbs



MFG. Part #9108572
BrandSpeedway Motors
Radiator StyleDouble Pass
Radiator Flow DirectionCrossflow
Material TypeAluminum
Inlet LocationUpper passenger side
Outlet LocationLower passenger side
Row Quantity2
Tube Size1.00"
Overall Width Range26.00" to 26.99"
Overall Width26.00"
Overall Height Range19.00" to 19.99"
Overall Height19.00"
Overall Thickness3.00"
Core Width Range20.00" to 20.99"
Core Width20.75"
Core Height Range18.00" to 18.99"
Core Height18.125"
Core Thickness2.25"
Cooling FanNot Included
Transmission CoolerNo
Shroud IncludedYes
Filler Neck Height1.00"
Inlet Size1.50
Shroud finishNatural
Fan IncludedNo
Radiator Cap IncludedYes
Shroud MaterialAluminum
Sold in QuantityKit