Product Summary

Universal Fit, Lowback Bucket Seat Style, Aluminum

  • Complete kit includes pre-cut and drilled panels and aviation-style rivets
  • Each kit builds one seat (order two for one pair of seats)
  • 2-inch dimple die holes and real aviation rivets for authentic bomber seat looks
  • 22-1/2-inch seatback height and 17-inch width fits most body types
  • 13-degree layback seat design with 6-degree angled thigh support for comfort

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91070199
BrandSpeedway Motors
Seat StyleLowback Bucket
Material TypeAluminum

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  • Provides nostalgic traditional hot rod looks for your build
  • Styled after original military bomber aircraft seats
  • 2-inch dimple die holes in seatback and bottom for weight savings
  • 13-degree seatback angle provides comfort for long drives
  • Low-back design is perfect for roadsters or other open top vehicles
  • Can be mounted in just about any position/angle you choose
  • Weighs approximately 7 pounds per seat, saving many pounds versus traditional seating
  • Aluminum finish can be brushed, polished, painted, or powder coated
  • Built from hand-formed .090-inch aluminum plate for strength
  • DIY kit includes instructions and aviation style rivets for assembly
  • .340-inch rolled bead edge (about 11/32-inch) for comfort and protection
  • Manufactured in house at Speedway Motors in Lincoln, NE

A Nostalgic Look for Your Traditional Hot Rod Build

We take a lot of things for granted these days when building a hot rod. So many things that had to be sourced used or from other vehicles back in the heyday are now available as perfect modern copies. From body parts to interior, it is truly much easier to build a hot rod today in whatever style you desire.

A perfect example of this is the classic aluminum bomber seat. History is lost to who may have been the first to grab the seats from an old surplus WWII aircraft and bolt them into their car, but it was an extremely popular way to go back in the 1940s. The seats were lightweight (perfect for the burgeoning racing scene of the ’40s), cheap, and looked pretty darn cool as well. Today, commonly referred to as “rat rod seats,” you can find recreations of classic aluminum bomber seats for sale in many styles and we offer a couple of great options for your build.

Traditional Looks with Dimple Die Holes and Rivets

Our Lightened Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seat DIY Kit is one of our latest bomber seat offerings. Unlike our welded versions with curved seatback, our DIY kit version is much more traditional looking in that it is truly designed to be a recreation of an aluminum bomber seat, aviation rivets and all! The kit features pre-cut and drilled bottom, seatback, and side panels, with reinforcements, and enough aluminum universal head aviation rivets to complete the assembly. These are not Pop or blind style rivets, and will require the proper tools, such as a pneumatic hammer and bucking bar, to properly install.

Built from the same .090-inch aluminum as our welded Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seats, the DIY kit features a less aggressive 13-degree layback design and is just a hair taller at 22-1/2-inches. Our Lightened Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seat DIY Kit comes in roughly an inch wider than our welded bomber seats at 17 inches, providing a little more room in the hips if you need it. A .340-inch rolled bead edge on the vertical side panels aids in comfort, while the 3-7/8-inch seatbelt slots accommodate both 2-inch and 3-inch lap belt configurations. As assembled, the seats provide a 6-degree kick up for thigh support, which can be increased by angling the assembled seat further during installation.

The panels can be polished, brushed, painted, powder coated, or anodized for a custom appearance. This can be accomplished upon completion of assembly or applied to the loose panels to provide a contrasting look with the aluminum rivet heads once assembled.

Classic Bomber Appearance That Fits Almost Anywhere

The universal mounting ability of our Lightened Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seat DIY kits means they will go into just about any vehicle project you have in mind. There are no mounting holes pre-drilled, so your mind is free to determine the best method for mounting. You can fabricate your own mounts, or direct bolt the seat to your sheetmetal. We also offer a slick set of universal bomber seat mounting brackets that you can bolt, rivet, or weld to these seats once you have determined the best mounting height and angle for your application. Note, these mounting brackets are designed more for our welded bomber seats but should work for our DIY kit with a minimum of fabrication. A set of our basic steel seat risers is another option that may work for your application as well. Pick up a pair of any of our Aluminum Hot Rod Bomber Seats for your hot rod build today and be ready for your next long haul.



  • 13-Degree Layback Seat Angle
  • 17 Inches Wide
  • 22.5 Inches Tall
  • 23.7 Inches Deep (measured from front of seat to top of backrest)
  • 3-7/8 Inch Seat Belt Slots


MFG. Part #91070199
BrandSpeedway Motors
Seat StyleLowback Bucket
Material TypeAluminum
Overall Height22.50"
Overall Width17.25"
Inside Width17.00"
Seat Layback13 Degree
SFI RatedNo
Recline TypeFixed Back
Material Thickness.090 "
Hardware IncludedYes
Sold in QuantityKit
NotesKit-Requires assembly with included aviation-style rivets and hand tools (not included)