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Oval Track Cars

  • A must have safety item
  • Required by most sanctioning bodies

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MFG. Part #458315
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 458315 Details

This flapper valve or rollover valve, installs in the fuel cell and is retained by the bolts used to secure the filler cap flange to the cell.

When fueling the cell, the rubber flap opens. If the cell should become inverted, the rubber flap closes to seal off the filler opening so that fuel cannot leak out.

A must have safety item! 

IMCA approved.

Value added kits are now available which includes both the cap and neck as kit # 916-02008 and a rollover flapper valve kit # 916-02007



  • The mounting flange bracket is in an arc with 5 retaining studs in 1/4" diameter and 1-1/8" in length
  • It comes with the nylon sealing washers and nylock nuts
  • The rubber flapper is 6-1/4" O.D. and approximately 1/8” thick
  • The 5 holes for the mounting plate are 1/4” I.D. and the remaining 7 holes around the circumference are 9/16” I.D
  • All 12 holes are based on a 5-3/8” center to center pattern

Speedway Motors 458315 Specifications

MFG. Part #458315
BrandSpeedway Motors