Product Summary

Universal Fit, 60.00" Hub-to-Hub Width, 3.00" Tube O.D.

  • 3 O.D. axle tubes with 55" flange-to-flange width (60" assembled width)
  • 3/16 wall thickness
  • Axle tubes are internally reinforced for additional strength, less flex
  • Billet steel New Big Ford (Torino) style bearing ends

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91046260
Hub-to-Hub Width60.00"
Flange-to-Flange Width55.00"
Tube O.D.3.00"
Material TypeSteel

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Speedway Motors 91046260 Details

Looking for a budget-friendly, rock-solid foundation for your custom rear suspension? Look no further. Our fabricated steel Ford 9 inch axle housings feature all-new components for maximum durability. It’s an evolution of the rugged and reliable 9 inch Ford platform.

Designed with the Builder in Mind

This housing is pumpkin-centered with uniform-length axle tubes, side-to-side. So mounting suspension brackets, especially on triangulated 3-link and 4-link systems, is much easier. Unlike factory stamped housings, these fabricated plate-steel center sections provide a wide, flat surface for easy bracket attachment. Note that the pumpkin-centered design will offset the pinion yoke about 1" to the passenger side.

Axle tubes are 3” O.D. with a 3/16” wall thickness. Heavy-wall tubes, along with a larger center section, significantly reduce distortion during welding of rear-link brackets or spring pads. Billet steel “New Big Ford” (Torino) style bearing ends are fixture-welded (3.150” O.D. bearing, with 2.50” axle flange offset).

Improved Design for Greater Durability 

In addition to the heavy-duty bearing ends, the axle tubes are supported with bracing inside the large center housing. This reduces flex in the rear end housing, which is something you won’t find on stamped factory 9 inch housings. Plus, gears stay well-lubed and run cooler thanks to a large-capacity fabricated center (holds more gear oil than stamped housings). Axle is vented on the driver’s side.

Yet, with improved durability, our fabricated axle housing is on average 2 pounds lighter than stock style housings of the same size! Add your choice of axle shafts and third member (sold separately), and you are ready to roll. Equip your race car, hot rod or 4X4 with Ford 9 inch parts from Speedway Motors to ensure there are no weak links in your driveline combination. 

Total wheel-to-wheel mounting surface width is 60" (from hub-to-hub). The pumpkin is centered in the housing, which puts the pinion 1" offset from center, requiring different length axle shafts. For this 60" housing you will need one 30-5/8" long axle and one 28-1/4" long axle. This housing includes (8) T-bolts for the axle bearing retainer plates and (10) studs for the third member.

  • Fabricated steel center section
  • 3" O.D. axle tubes with 3/16" wall thickness
  • Axle tubes are internally reinforced for additional strength, less flex
  • Billet steel "New Big Ford" (Torino) style bearing ends
  • Accepts brake kits for 2.50" axle shaft flange offset (from housing flange)
  • Housing measures 55" from flange-to-flange
  • Assembled rearend measures 60" from hub-to-hub (axle flange face-to-face)
  • Improved design weighs only 41.6 lbs vs 43.4 lbs stock-style fabricated housings
  • Centered pumpkin w/ 1" offset pinion yoke for easy suspension mock-up
  • Greater-than-stock capacity center section holds more gear oil and runs cooler
  • Requires different length axle shafts, left/right
  • Includes vent on driver side axle tube
  • Includes studs for 3rd member and 3/8” T-bolts for bearing retainer plates
  • 3rd member sold separately

Speedway Motors 91046260 Specifications

MFG. Part #91046260
BrandSpeedway Motors
Hub-to-Hub Width60.00"
Flange-to-Flange Width55.00"
Tube O.D.3.00"
Material TypeSteel
Hardware IncludedYes
Axle Housing Flange StyleNew Big Ford
Drain Plug IncludedNo
Filler Plug IncludedYes
Leaf Spring Plates IncludedNo
Cut to FitNo
Cover IncludedNo
Sold in QuantityEach
NotesAssembled rear end (axle flange face-to-face) width is 60"