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Jacket Only Suit Style, 3.2A/5 Suit SFI Rating, Black

  • Double layer construction which consists of an outer layer of Proban® flame retardant cotton with and inner layer of 100 percent aramid and flame retardant foam
  • 180-degree floating arm gussets and pre-curved arms provide needed movement and adds comfort
  • Innovative moisture wicking inner collar design which eliminates the need for a traditional hook and loop collar
  • Shoulder epaulets add style and safety by providing safety personnel a grab handle if driver extraction is required
  • SFI rated 3.2A/5 with a TPP rating of 19, providing 10 seconds of driver safety from 2nd degree burns

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MFG. Part #
BrandSpeedway Motors
Suit StyleJacket Only

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  • Constructed with a double layer of quilted flame retardant material
  • Outer layer utilizes PROBAN® flame retardant cotton (FRC)
  • Inner layer is made of 100 percent aramid and flame retardant foam
  • Dual reinforced shoulder epaulets with Speedway Motors logo
  • Innovative moisture wicking inner collar design with Speedway “S” logo
  • 180-degree stretch inner arm floating sleeve gussets
  • Pre-curved arm material for additional comfort
  • Elastic wrist cuffs are the same color as the main suit
  • Zipper front with hook and loop cover
  • Adjustable hook and loop straps at bottom of jacket for better fit
  • SFI 3.2A/5 rated (with sewn in certification tag)
  • Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) rating of 19

A Sportsman Budget Racing Jacket with Pro Racer Features You’ll Appreciate

There is no denying that any type of racing, even at the most entry level or a spec series, can get expensive. From spare parts and seasonal maintenance to unexpected costs like repairs from an accident or untimely engine or driveline failure, sportsman racing often runs on razor thin budgets. This includes the much needed and mandatory safety gear your class and/or series requires to run. Car racing suits, helmets, gloves, and more are all very much required to run safely, but we understand there is only so much budget to go around. So, we’ve worked hard to provide our sportsman racers the race fire suit jacket that will protect them and include features not normally seen at this value.

A Great Fitting Double Layer Driver’s Jacket That Will Protect You in The Advent of Fire

Race long enough and a crash is inevitable. Racers are a head-strong lot and often will try to occupy the same track real estate as their competitors or will go a little too deep into a corner vying for that extra hair of a second off their lap times, only to come out the other side entangled with another race car or a track barrier. It is often said it is not “if” you end up upside down and on fire, but “when.” It’s a scary thing to think about, but with the right safety gear you can exit your race car and stand to race again another day.

Our new Speedway Motors branded Endurance II double layer racing jacket was created to keep you safe and help the bottom line of your racing budget. We use PROBAN® treated fire retardant cotton for the jacket outer material with a flame retardant foam and 100 percent aramid inner layer, creating a fire-retardant surface that helps keep the heat from a fire from reaching your skin. Combined with a second layer of flame retardant foam and 100 percent aramid material, this racing suit jacket is SFI rated as 3.2A/5 and features a Thermal Protective Performance rating of 19. You can increase your TPP by adding additional layers to a fire suit using fire resistant underwear and socks. Also be sure to learn more about SFI and TPP ratings in our Toolbox. The tight fabric weave and shiny surface of the material we use in these jackets make the racing fire suits easier to keep clean since dirt has a harder time penetrating the racing suit’s fibers. This is a great bonus for dirt track racers, yet the racing suit jacket is completely washable in standard home appliances using any one of our racing suit cleaner products. Though spot cleaning is often all your suit will need. Be sure to follow washing instructions carefully to prevent reduction in fire-retardant capabilities of the suit.

You’ll find all the notable features you’d come to expect from a value oriented double-layer racing suit jacket like elastic wrist cuffs, full zipper front with hook and loop zipper cover panel, and adjustable hook and loop straps at the bottom of the jacket for better fit. However, we went even further with this new jacket design, giving you 180-degree arm gussets with pre-curved arm material for freedom of movement in your arms for more comfort when strapped in, along with an innovative moisture wicking banded collar design that provides comfort and protection without a bulky hook and loop strap up against your throat. Finally, we added dual reinforced shoulder epaulets to ensure that when you need help getting out of your race car in a hurry, your safety gear will be up to the job.

A Fire Suit Jacket for Most Any Race Driver

Our new Endurance II double layer fire suit jacket is available in five sizes, ranging from Small to Double X, which covers chest sizing from 38 to 46 inches. See our sizing chart for complete sizing details and watch our how to measure video to ensure you accurately measure your body for your new jacket. We offer our matching Endurance II double layer pants separately, allowing you to mix and match the perfect jacket and pants sizes you need. This jacket, when combined with our matching double layer fire suit pants, creates a 2 piece race suit that is extremely popular as a drag racing fire suit, as well as for dirt track racers. For those that prefer a one-piece suit, we offer the very same double layer material and quality build with our Endurance II one-piece racing suit version.



MFG. Part #
BrandSpeedway Motors
Suit StyleJacket Only
Suit SFI Rating3.2A/5
Suit FIA RatingSFI Only
Suit Material TypeAramidic
Age GroupAdult
Standard Suit Size
Metric Suit Size (Euro)
Sold in QuantityEach