Product Summary

Oval Track Cars

  • 32" padded ergonomic handle
  • 4-1/2" heavy-duty scraping blade
  • Keeps the car free of unnecessary weight
  • Be sure to scrape all mud off after every time on the track to remove unnecessary weight
  • Doubles as a convenient racer approved back scratcher!

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91004310
BrandSpeedway Motors

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The mud scraper - the most under appreciated piece of equipment that every racer, regardless of skill or funding, needs to have in his trailer come race day.

The Speedway Deluxe Mud Scraper brings together style, functionality, and luxury benefits in one convenient and affordable package to add to your race tool kit. The ergonomic padded 32" handle provides comfortable reach in any situation, helping you keep your race car looking good and free of any unnecessary weight. Featuring a 4 1/2" wide scraping head, this thing slices through any tough muddy build up like a hot knife through butter!

  • 32" padded ergonomic handle for ease of access
  • 4 1/2" wide heavy duty scraping blade head

When your done cleaning up the race car after a muddy heat race or wheel pack session don't put the Speedway Deluxe Mud Scraper down just yet! Not only can it clean your race car, but it also doubles as a versatile "racing" back scratcher or handy walking stick when needed!


MFG. Part #91004310
BrandSpeedway Motors
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