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  • The set includes one AN 3, AN 4, AN 6, AN 8, AN 10, AN 12, AN 16 and AN 20 wrench, as well as a roll case
  • Template is designed to be an all in one quick reference tool for AN/NPT fittings, AN hose, and brake/fuel line diameters
  • Cutter features precision ground blades for clean cuts. Works best on hose sizes AN-4 thru AN-12, can cut up to AN-16
  • Koul Tools are engineered to easily install the hose into the fitting socket
  • Kit includes -4AN, -6AN, -8AN and -10AN fittings

Comes as a Kit

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MFG. Part #9100708
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 9100708 Details

AN Wrenches

Get rid of that adjustable wrench and never ruin a fitting again! These beautifully CNC manufactured AN wrenches are designed with the correct length handle to avoid over-tightening. Each wrench has the fitting size stamped on it for easy identification. Comes with AN 3 (.511"), AN 4 (.573"), AN 6 (.700"), AN 8 (.886"), AN 10 (1.011"), AN 12 (1.263"), AN 16 (1.513"), and AN 20 (1.850") sizes.

AN Template

Stumbling and struggling through a mess of hoses and fittings on your latest project? Frustrated when designing and planning for a new fuel system or brake plumbing? Not sure what size that stray AN fitting you found in the toolbox is? 

Don't worry - we have been there too and developed a simple solution in the form of our Speedway Motors AN Template. Featuring a Stainless Steel construction, this tool is very simple to use and gets the job done. Each reference is accurate in size and shape to help you identify and size various AN male and female fittings used throughout performance plumbing. This tool also features an accurate hose size guide to further help you identify and confirm hose sizes as well as a National Pipe Thread (NPT) fitting sizes to enable you to accurately identify such fittings and help you convert or plan your next performance plumbing project!

  • All in one quick reference tool for AN/NPT fittings, AN hose, and brake/fuel line diameters
  • Helps you stay organized on large plumbing jobs
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction with printed lettering
  • Tool covers AN fittings/nuts from -4 to -16, NPT fittings from 1/8" to 3/4", as well as standard tubing/hose sizes from 1/8" to 3/8"


AN Hose Cutter

It's hard to make quick, clean cuts on hoses. These heavy duty cutters feature precision ground blades and the big 18-1/2" length makes cutting a breeze. This is a great cutter for hoses from AN-4 up to AN-16. Not recommended for stainless steel braided hose. 


Koul Tools 468/681

Putting hose ends on braided stainless steel hoses can be one of the most frustrating jobs there is...until now!  This handy little tool from Koultools allows you to easily install the hose into the fitting socket without the loss of blood. This KoulTool AN fitting tool is virtually indestructible and can pay for itself the first time you use it.

Set # 617-9510 with AN 4, AN 6 and AN 8. 


Kit Includes

(1) Speedway Aluminum AN Fitting Wrench Set, 8-Piece

(1) Speedway Motors AN/NPT Fitting, Hose and Tubing Template Tool

(1) Speedway Heavy Duty Hose Cutter Tool

(1) Koul Tools 468 Braided Hose Installation Tool, -4 AN, -6 AN, -8 AN

(1) Koul Tools 681 Braided Hose Installation Tool, -6 AN, -8 AN, -10 AN


Speedway Motors 9100708 Specifications

MFG. Part #9100708
BrandSpeedway Motors
Sold in QuantityKit