Product Summary

Universal Fit, 17" Overall Height, 6.3" Depth, Steel

  • Small Block Chevy and Big Block Chevy engine bolt pattern
  • GM transmission bolt pattern fits Muncie, Saginaw, and Non-World Class T5 transmissions
  • Laser-Cut, CNC-finished flange for perfect fit
  • Non-SFI rated
  • Made in the USA

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91027000
BrandSpeedway Motors

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  • Chevy engine bolt patterns (SBC/BBC)
  • Laser-Cut, CNC-finished flange for a perfect fit
  • Bolt Pattern for Muncie/Saginaw transmissions as well as early Chevy-Pattern T5 (Non-World Class)
  • Machined for pivot ball to accommodate clutch fork and pivot stud if desired
  • Provision for a clutch fork would need to be cut by end-user
  • Includes two 1-inch holes for hydraulic throwout bearing lines (one on top, one on driver's side)
  • The bottom 6.3" opening with removable cover allows for easy inspection of hydraulic throwout bearing and clutch
  • Non-SFI rated
  • Must be used with a 153 tooth or smaller flywheel
  • Features a durable black zinc plated finish
  • Includes Inspection Cover, Dust Cover, and Starter Hole Cover
  • Made in the USA

Increased Safety for Your Period Build 

We love period-look builds, but when you’re building something that is 50 years old (or older) sometimes it is best to consider purchasing something new rather than buying an old used part that has seen a million miles, stripped bolt holes, or other damage that might make the part unsafe for use on your project. One such critical area is the manual transmission bellhousing. This part often sees a tough life and some serious wear. Transmission swaps/rebuilds, installing new clutches, and more mean the bellhousing sees a lot of on/off time over the years. This can equate to broken ears, stripped threads, worn clearances that affect transmission/engine alignment, and so much more. This is the very reason why we designed this replacement steel bellhousing for you Chevy enthusiasts running small or big block engines backed by a manual transmission. 

Built for the Long Haul 

When we designed this steel bellhousing, we wanted it to directly replace the original cast piece with a precision part. To that end we started with laser-cut a36 3/8-inch thick steel to make the CNC-finished engine block flange for a perfect fit to your small or big block Gen 1 Chevy engine. Using precise fixture welding the 7-gauge steel bell is welded to the engine block flange along with the transmission mount flange (also laser-cut CNC-finished from 1/2-inch thick a36 steel) to make a strong, long lasting part. This bellhousing is designed for hydraulic throwout bearing use, such as our PN 91027000, and we have provided a 1-inch hole at the top and driver’s side for hydraulic feed and bleeder line routing. At the bottom is a 6.3-inch opening with a bolt-on cover to allow quick clutch and throwout bearing inspections. The bellhousing is protected from the elements with a black zinc plated coating and is made right here in the USA. 

Direct Replacement Fitment 

We designed this new bellhousing to fit all Gen 1 small and big block Chevy engines. You must use a 153-tooth (or smaller) flywheel with this application. You can mount a traditional GM Muncie/Saginaw four-speed, an early GM non-World Class T-5 five-speed, or a “GM spec” Tremec TKO-500 or 600 five-speed manual transmission. So if you’re starting with a used four-speed and wish to upgrade to a modern five-speed manual with overdrive later you won’t need to buy a different bellhousing (just a different clutch disc depending upon the input shaft spline count). As mentioned above, the bellhousing is configured for a hydraulic throwout bearing installation, but if you really want to use a mechanical or cable-based clutch setup we have provided the ability to install a traditional ball stud pivot for a clutch fork. You will however have to measure and cut the clutch fork opening into the bellhousing yourself. As this bellhousing is designed for street use, it is not SFI rated. We highly recommend an SFI certified bellhousing for any motorsports use. 

Manual Transmission Fans Rejoice 

There’s nothing cooler than a muscle car or street rod with three pedals, and we’re making the installation easier all the time with parts like our steel bellhousing, Speedway Motors’ hydraulic throwout bearing kits, and everything else you need to mate your transmission to your engine and keep your project moving forward. So, whether it is a classic four-speed or a modern five-speed you are installing behind that domestic V-8 engine, we have the parts you need!


MFG. Part #91027000
BrandSpeedway Motors
Overall Height17"
Inside Diameter4.686"
Material TypeSteel
FinishZinc Plated
Weight25 lbs.
SFI RatingNot SFI-approved
Hardware IncludedNo
Sold in QuantityEach
Clutch Diameter10.5" max.
Clutch OperationMechanical or Hydraulic
Transmission NameSaginaw, Muncie, Chevy Non-World Class T5
Transmission TypeManual
Clutch Fork IncludedNo
Block Plate IncludedNo
Transmission Bore Diameter4.686"