Product Summary

Universal Fit, Analog Gauge Series, White, Stainless

  • Premium stainless-steel bezel construction with perimeter lit white face for night time use
  • 3-3/8" Diameter tachometer gauge (8000 RPM) and mechanical speedometer gauge (160 MPH) with popular 5/8-18 cable attachment
  • 2-1/16" Diameter fuel level gauge, water temperature gauge (100-260 F), oil pressure gauge (100 PSI), and voltmeter (8-16 VDC)
  • Includes all sending units and capillary tubes for ease of installation
  • Perfect for custom automotive or boat/marine projects

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91065056
BrandSpeedway Motors
Gauge SeriesAnalog
Gauge StyleMechanical
Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster

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Speedway Motors 91065056 Details

  • Full set of vehicle gauges for your muscle car, classic truck, or hot rod project
  • Car gauges set easily allows you to monitor all major vehicle systems
  • Includes sensors, lighting, fuel level sender, and mounting brackets
  • Oil pressure, temperature, and speedometer are mechanical, no expensive electronics to fail
  • Full sweep speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, and water temperature gauges
  • Short sweep volts and fuel level gauges for cars, trucks, and boats
  • White incandescent perimeter lighting on all vehicle gauges
  • Metal retaining brackets for secure mounting in any dash panel
  • Tachometer requires resistor-core spark plug wires (solid core wires not supported)
  • Modern white face with black lettering and red needle pointers

A Full Set of Car Gauges That Won’t Break the Bank

Many of our favorite cars and trucks of the past featured the most basic instrument cluster. Often just a speedometer, water temperature, and fuel level were all that the driver had to monitor. If you were lucky, you might have an “idiot light” for oil pressure, and the older the car the bigger that “if” becomes. Early cars also had ammeters which showed state of charge or discharge and not actual charging system voltage. The main issue with ammeters has always been how they read this charge/discharge amperage, which often created charging system issues when the car gauge failed. Not to mention modern high-output alternators are simply not safe to run through an ammeter either.

Updating to a complete set of dash gauges not only ensures you have a way to monitor your vehicle’s vital systems but are usually easier to read at a glance with better illumination and are much more accurate than factory car gauges that are 50 plus years old, if they even work at all! Speedway Motors’ mechanical 6-gauge kit provides all the essentials you need, including a mechanical speedometer gauge, electric tachometer gauge, electric voltmeter gauge, electric fuel level gauge, mechanical water temperature gauge, and mechanical oil pressure gauge. This car gauges set easily fits into many of our 6-hole gauge panels available in application specific and universal fitments or simply grab the proper hole saw size and direct mount to any fiberglass, aluminum, or steel sheet/panel.

Build Quality Normally Reserved for Much More Expensive Vehicle Gauges

While our 6-gauge instrument kit is easy on your wallet, it is far from a set of “cheap aftermarket gauges” for your dash to get you on the road. While we kept costs in mind to provide a complete dash gauge solution, we built our automotive gauges with high clarity flat glass lenses instead of just injection molded clear plastic others use. The bezels are stainless steel and not chrome plated plastic or cheap tin either. We include metal mounting hardware (helpful when grounding auto gauges in a fiberglass dashboard for example), incandescent perimeter lighting in all dash gauges, and full instructions.

Dial faces are screen printed in white with black lettering and red needle pointer for a crisp visual appearance that allows for quick identification of engine vitals. We offer this same kit in a black face option if you prefer the classic black car gauge look. Our 6-gauge set exudes quality and once you have them in your hands, we think you’ll agree that they are one heck of a deal for your hard earned money. These are far from the cheap replacement gauges you’ll find online from some company you’ve never heard of. Shop with Speedway Motors and shop with confidence!

Easy To Install and Wire Up with No Confusing Electronics

Our car gauges are built to industry standard dimensions, with our speedometer and tachometer sized at 3-3/8-inches and the supporting vehicle gauges are 2-1/16 gauges. This allows for easy mounting in accessories like tachometer cups or A-pillar gauge pods if you have limited dash surface area to mount the full car gauge kit or wish to leave the factory gauge cluster in place. If space is limited, you may also wish to consider our 5-gauge set without tachometer too.

Standard incandescent bulbs illuminate the gauge perimeter in a soft white light for a classic lighting style that fits any muscle car, hot rod, or truck build, and are easily replaced when needed. The mechanical speedometer uses standard GM 5/8-18 threaded cable connection, so all you have to do is determine proper cable length and transmission end style to order the appropriate speedometer cable if you don’t already have the correct cable in place.

The tachometer accepts any standard tach signal from points or electronic ignitions, or from a tach output connection on performance ignition boxes. The included mechanical water temperature gauge comes pre-fitted with a capillary tube assembly and brass adapters to fit any cylinder head or intake water passage, while the mechanical oil pressure gauge includes nylon tubing with compression fittings and adapters to connect to your engine block’s oil gallery port. These simple connections mean no tedious gauge calibrating or running wire harnesses to bulky sending units that get in the way of other engine components.

The included fuel level sender is configured for the popular Stewart Warner universal aftermarket values of 240 ohms full/33 ohms empty. The five-bolt sending unit is adjustable for tank depth from 6 to 24 inches and can be configured for left or right float arm swing, allowing it to be fitted to most any factory or aftermarket fuel tank/cell. If you do not wish to modify your fuel tank and your stock fuel level sending unit is in proper working order, we highly suggest using our fuel level sender interface module. This handy little module allows you to easily configure your stock sending unit to work with any fuel level gauge resistance values for full and empty, saving you the hassle of dropping the fuel tank, draining it, cutting a hole for the aftermarket sending unit, and so on. It can be a huge time saver when installing new automotive gauges.

Install a set of our 6-gauge white face aftermarket car gauges today and rest easy knowing exactly what’s going on with your engine’s vitals whether you’re just driving to work or driving cross country.


Speedway Motors 91065056 Specifications

MFG. Part #91065056
BrandSpeedway Motors
Gauge SeriesAnalog
Gauge StyleMechanical
Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster
Number of Gauge Housings6
Speedometer Diameter3-3/8 Inch
Tachometer Diameter3-3/8 Inch
Auxiliary Gauge Diameter2-1/16 Inch
Gauge Face ColorWhite
Bezel FinishStainless
Liquid FilledNo
Lighting TypeIncandescent
Light ColorWhite
Needle ColorRed
Lettering ColorBlack
Speedometer IncludedYes
Tachometer IncludedYes
Oil Pressure Gauge IncludedYes
Oil Temperature Gauge IncludedNo
Water Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Water Temperature Gauge IncludedYes
Fuel Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Fuel Level Gauge IncludedYes
Volt Gauge IncludedYes
Ammeter Gauge IncludedNo
Odometer Gauge IncludedYes
Sending UnitFuel level sender is 240 ohms empty, 33 ohms full
Clock IncludedNo
Fuel Sender IncludedYes
Speed Sender IncludedNo
Turn Signals IncludedNo
Includes Wire HarnessNo
Gauge TypeMechanical
Lens StyleFlat
Sending Unit IncludedYes
NotesIncludes fuel sending unit. Oil pressure, Water temperature, Fuel level, Voltmeter, Tachometer, and Speedometer.
Sold in QuantitySet