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Universal Fit, Analog Gauge Series, White, Lighted

  • Full sweep mechanical gauges help monitor your race car's vitals to keep you in the race
  • 3/4-inch warning lights with separate sending units warn of low oil pressure or high water temperature
  • Large 2-5/8-inch white face gauges with orange pointers are back lit for easy visibility, day or night
  • Kit includes an oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel pressure gauge, panel, warning lights, sending units, and wiring harness
  • Gauges feature user-swappable trim bezels in black, chrome, and silver (included)

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91365434
Gauge SeriesAnalog
Gauge StyleMechanical
Gauge Set DesignAccessory Console
Gauge Face ColorWhite

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Speedway Motors 91365434 Details

  • Includes full sweep mechanical gauges for oil pressure, water temperature, and fuel pressure
  • Large 2-5/8-inch industry standard diameter gauges with mounting brackets
  • Backlit white gauge faces with crisp black lettering is easy to read, day or night
  • Separately mounted warning lights for low oil pressure, high water temperature, and low fuel pressure
  • Low oil pressure warning preset to illuminate at 20 psi
  • High water temperature warning light preset to illuminate at 230 degrees
  • Low fuel pressure warning light preset to illuminate at 3 psi
  • Anodized aluminum gauge panel can be mounted to dash or roll bar
  • Includes warning light sensors, sending units, and wiring harness
  • Gauges feature user swappable chrome, silver, and black trim bezels
  • Shipped as a kit and must be assembled and wired by end user
  • Compatible with 16V charging systems commonly used in motorsports

Monitor Your Race Car’s Vitals Quickly and Easily

When you are in the thick of a race, clawing for every inch of track to get out front and stay out front until that checkered flag drops, you must rely on your equipment to help you get the job done. From the tires and suspension to your engine and transmission, and all the connecting bits, you must read what your race car is doing and constantly react to bring home that win. Your engine’s vitals are paramount to not only knowing when to push hard, but also when to let off and save your equipment for another race weekend. Having gauges that are easy to read and incorporate warning lights is your best solution to ensuring your engine’s longevity for the racing season.

We know racing is your passion, and we also know that losing an engine could mean the end of your racing season. Racing, in any form, takes money, which is why we offer a line of budget friendly gauges available in several panel configurations that will help you see the early signs of a potential engine killing problem. Having accurate gauges with quick acting warning lights can easily mean the difference between a minor engine repair that will have you back at the track next weekend or a complete engine failure that puts you out the points running for the rest of the year.

Built to Take the Rigors of Racing

Our 2-5/8-inch mechanical gauges feature a full sweep design, providing a larger area between gauge tick marks, making them more easily read at a quick glance. The mechanical function maintains the gauge’s accuracy and is not susceptible to high vibration or low voltage issues that can commonly affect sensitive electric gauges. The backlit white faces with black lettering and orange pointers allow easy gauge reading, day or night, and the warning lights provide an extra visual warning that something is amiss and needs your immediate attention. Silver, black, and chrome gauge bezels are included and are easily swapped to match your other gauges.

Our 3-gauge panel kit comes with the most critical engine gauges to monitor, an oil pressure gauge, a water temperature gauge, and a fuel pressure gauge. Engine oil and coolant are the lifeblood of your engine and are most often the source of engine failures due to low or loss of oil pressure or excessive coolant temperature. Adequate fuel pressure is essential to preventing a lean condition, which can elevate coolant and oil temperatures and damage internal engine parts. We offer additional 3-gauge panels and a 4-gauge panel if you are looking to monitor oil temperature in place of or in addition to fuel pressure in your race car gauges as well.

Our Gauge Panels Install Just About Anywhere

Provided in our car gauge kit is a 1/16-inch-thick anodized aluminum gauge panel to mount the gauges and warning lights. We provide the warning light sensors (installed separately from the gauge sensors/fittings), and all the adapters you will need to plumb your gauges to your race car’s engine. We have included a wiring harness that makes wiring up your gauge panel quick and easy too. The gauges are retained to the panel via the included gauge mounting brackets, which can double as the gauge panel retaining bracket when installed in one of our dash panels. Alternative mounting solutions can be configured via custom fabrication if desired.

As any racer will tell you, take good care of your race car and it will take good care of you. Add one of our gauge panels to your race car today and you will have your engine’s vitals monitored from the first lap to the last, keeping your race car’s budget in the black and you racing week after week.


Speedway Motors 91365434 Specifications

MFG. Part #91365434
BrandSpeedway Motors
Gauge SeriesAnalog
Gauge StyleMechanical
Gauge Set DesignAccessory Console
Gauge Face ColorWhite
Number of Gauge Housings3
Auxiliary Gauge Diameter2-5/8 Inch
Liquid FilledNo
Lighting TypeIncandescent
Light ColorWhite
Needle ColorOrange
Lettering ColorBlack
Gauge Rangeoil pressure- 0-100 psi, water temp-100°-280° F, fuel pressure- 0-15 psi
Speedometer IncludedNo
Tachometer IncludedNo
Oil Pressure Gauge IncludedYes
Oil Temperature Gauge IncludedNo
Water Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Water Temperature Gauge IncludedYes
Fuel Pressure Gauge IncludedYes
Fuel Level Gauge IncludedNo
Vacuum Gauge IncludedNo
Volt Gauge IncludedNo
Ammeter Gauge IncludedNo
Overall Length4.5"
Material Thickness0.08"
Overall Width11.88"
NotesIncludes panel, light harness, warning lights
Sold in QuantitySet