Product Summary

Universal Fit, 0.188" Tube O.D., -3 AN

  • (2) -3 AN 19" Stainless Steel braided brake lines with 90 deg. end, (2) -3 AN 26" Stainless Steel braided brake lines with 90 deg. end and (4) Aluminum 3/8"-24 to -3 AN bulkhead frame fittings
  • (3) 8" long 3/16" steel brake lines, (3) 20" long 3/16" steel brake lines and (3) 40" long 3/16" steel brake lines
  • (4) Removable brake line tabs, (4) 3/8"-24 brass unions, (2) 3/8"-24 IFF "T" fittings and (10) Insulated line clamps
  • Kit includes everything you need to plumb any type of race car from master cylinder to caliper, for off road use only
  • New parts make installation cleaner

Comes as a Kit

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MFG. Part #91031883
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Kit includes everything you need to plumb any type of race car from master cylinder to caliper.

Brake Line

These high quality stainless steel, braided fluid lines have a 90° fitting on one end and a straight fitting on the other. They work well for brake lines, clutch lines and gauge lines. AN 3, 19 Inch Stainless Steel. and AN 3, 26 Inch Stainless Steel Lines Included

Steel Brake Line

These 3/16" mild steel "hard" lines bend easily and smoothly with hand tools, already have a double flare on each end, have male fittings threaded 3/8"-24 installed and have a 45° inverted flare.

Double wall, copper plated steel brake line. High burst strength. Resistant to vibration and fatigue. 3/16" O.D. tubing. Each end flared with 3/8"-24 fitting.

Learn more about flaring lines and how to select proper automotive fittings by reading our tech article. The Principles of Automotive Fittings

Brass Union

Couple two brake lines together with these handy fittings. 3/8"-24 female to female thread. Brass.

Brake Line Fitting

These brake line fittings from Longacre® feature a "bulkhead" style and come with a jam nut for easy mounting.  They are CNC machined from lightweight aluminum.

  • Fitting side 1:  3/16" female inverted flare
  • Fitting side 2:  -3 AN male
  • Angle:  Straight
  • Material:  Aluminum
  • Finish:  Red anodized

Brake Line Tabs

These handy brake line tabs can be bolted or riveted to your frame rather than welded. 5/8" brake line hole with two 3/16" mounting holes. Includes two tabs and two brake line retaining clips.

Brass "T" Fitting

This brass tee fitting is commonly used in brake line systems. It features three 3/8"-24 inverted flare female (45-degree flare) ports.

Insulated Line Clamps

You will need these rubber coated fuel line tube clamps and brake line clamps to finish your plumbing job. These tube clamps are made from zinc plated steel, are easy to work with, durable, and corrosion resistant. Choose from a full range of sizes.

10 clamps per package.


  • (2) 19" Brake Line With 90 Degree Ends - 91031892-3
  • (2) 26" Brake Line With 90 Degree Ends - 91031893-3
  • (3) 3/16 Steel Brake Line - 8 Inches Long - 91031800-8
  • (3) 3/16 Steel Brake Line - 20 Inches Long - 91031800-20
  • (4) 3/16 Steel Brake Line - 40 Inches Long - 91031800-40
  • (4) Brass Union Fittings 3/8-24 To 3/8 IFF - 91031832
  • (4) AN3 to 3/8 IFF Frame Fittings - 47545263
  • (2) Pairs of Removable Brake Line Retaining Clips - 91031309
  • (2) 3/8-24 IFF "T" Fittings - 91031835
  • (1) 3/16 Insulated Line Clamps, pack of 1o - 91031312-3/16

Note: For off-road use only


MFG. Part #91031883
BrandSpeedway Motors
Tube O.D.0.188"
AN Size-3 AN
Thread Pitch3/8"-24 IFM
Sold in QuantityKit