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C4, Powerglide, TH350, 1.5" Tube O.D., Steel, Bare

  • Our bolt in tubular X-member compliments your IFS front suspension and allows for use of more modern automatic transmissions when eliminating the torque tube and wishbone suspension
  • 1-1/2" OD tubular construction with .095" wall thickness tubing provides incredible strength while keeping weight to a minimum
  • Drop-out transmission mount designed for C4 and TH350 makes removal and installation of the transmission a breeze
  • Designed for use with 2" exhaust which tucks up neatly between the top and bottom tubular supports and is perfect for lowered ride heights
  • Comprehensive step-by-step instructions are included to aid with installation and to locate the crossmember properly

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91063540
BrandSpeedway Motors
Material TypeSteel

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Speedway Motors 91063540 Details

  • Fits 1935-1940 Ford car and 1935-1941 Ford 1/2-ton pickup frames
  • Replaces stock frame crossmember, perfect when updating chassis to IFS
  • Not compatible with stock front straight axle or rear torque tube components
  • Complete bolt-in solution (can be welded if customer prefers)
  • Provides room for 2-inch dual exhaust to pass through easily
  • Integrated brake pedal mounting bracket for under floor master/booster
  • Bolt on and reversible transmission mount works with many popular transmissions
  • Crafted from .095-inch wall 1-1/2-inch tubing for superior chassis stiffness
  • Includes boxing plates, shims, hardware, and fully illustrated instructions

Easy DIY Chassis Upgrade for Your 1935-1940 Ford Car Or 1/2-Ton Truck

The Ford Model 48 arrived in 1935 as an update to the well-received Model 18 (’32 Ford V8) and Model 40 (’33/’34 Ford V8). The Model 48 used a similar formed steel U-shaped channel frame, transverse leaf solid front axle, and powered by Ford’s still relatively new Flathead V8 engine. Available in several body styles, including roadster, coupe, sedan, wagon, and even a pickup, the 1935-1940 Fords were another great seller for Ford Motor Company.

Like most pre-war vehicles that would end up as hot rod builds in the 1950s, the ’35-’40 Fords had its fans, especially the 1939 and 1940 bodies. These would become much sought after for hot rod builds and are still extremely popular to this day. While popular from a styling standpoint, the 1935-1940 Ford suffered from the same suspension design and frame limitations that precluded building a hot rod easily at home with a more modern small block V8, independent front suspension, and more without lots of fabrication, welding, and aggravation. Speedway Motors makes building a solid 1935-1940 Ford with modern four-link rear and IFS suspension that supports modern pushrod V8 engines and more, and the heart of our frame updates is our bolt-in tubular center X-crossmember kit.

Tubular Design for Strength with Support for Your Favorite Driveline Upgrades

The factory C-channel frame was used up until the 1940 Ford chassis and uses a flat plate steel X-brace crossmember that is designed around the factory torque tube to the rear axle and other original aspects that are usually tossed in the trash when building a hot rod. Adding a replacement chassis brace is your first step in updating your stock ’35-’40 frame (also fits our replacement ’35-’40 frame rails) to accept updated driveline components. Built from .095-inch 1-1/2-inch tubular steel, our bolt-in X-style chassis brace is much stronger than the factory design while allowing 2-inch dual exhaust systems to pass through easily. Our design provides room for a traditional driveshaft to your rear axle and uses a bolt in and reversible transmission crossmember mount that supports the most popular GM automatic transmissions, the Powerglide and Turbo 350 using our GM trans mount. The Ford C4 is also a possible fitment with minor modification to the mounting slots.

Built into our tubular crossmember is a fixed mount for our direct fit brake pedal kit that pairs perfectly with our brake booster/master combo. Once fitted to your ’35-’40 frame rails your chassis is ready for our triangulated 4 link suspension kit, and our Mustang 2-style IFS crossmember. Both are bolt-in solutions that require zero welding for installation. We also offer bolt-in small block Ford and Chevy engine mounts for our Mustang 2 front end as well.

No Welding Required, Simply Measure, Drill, And Assemble with Included Hardware

We designed our ’35-’40 center crossmember upgrade to be a complete bolt-in solution anyone can tackle in a home garage or workshop. The kit ships as left and right pre-welded assemblies and includes top and bottom support plates with bolt in transmission crossmember mount plate. Included are shims, mounting hardware, and fully illustrated instructions to guide you through every step. Once your frame rails are prepped the center X-brace halves are installed by carefully measuring and clamping the pre-welded frame assemblies into their respective frame rails for drilling and fastening. A hand drill and basic wrench/socket set is all you need to accomplish your installation.

Finish the installation by aligning the two frame rails and pre-welded crossmember sections together with the support plates and transmission mount plate securing the halves together for a strong, modernized frame ready to go. To further strengthen your ’35-’40 Ford frame and prep it for more horsepower and better handling we offer our ’35-’40 Ford bolt-in rear frame support too. This replaces the stock flimsy rear cross support that is riveted to the frame. With our ’35-’40 Ford car and truck line of bolt-on frame and suspension upgrades, including our 4 link suspension and Mustang 2 front end you can build a ’35-’40 Ford rolling chassis ready for your drivetrain installation in a weekend with nothing more than hand tools, so start wrenching!

Speedway Motors 91063540 Specifications

MFG. Part #91063540
BrandSpeedway Motors
Material TypeSteel
Tube O.D.1.5"
Sold in QuantityKit