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Single Pass Radiator Style, Aluminum, 2 Row Quantity

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    This is garage sale priced because the neck is pushed in and the threads are bad.

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    These 1917-1923 T-Bucket radiators are built to work without a grille shell and look good doing it! Speedway T-bucket radiators do not use a conventional "pressure" radiator cap, rather they use the decorative "T" caps to seal the neck at the top of the radiator. A hidden pop-off valve (910-15805 sold separately) is used for pressure control. Gasket # 911-12222 is very helpful for sealing the decorative "T" caps.

    Features Chevy position outlets, auto transmission cooler. These accept "T" radiator caps and accessories, but are not included.

    1. The upper neck is left of center about 6".
    2. 4" upper tank thickness, 3" strap thicknes that encases the core, 2.25" core
    3. Uses 2 each 1" wide core tube
    4. Choose from buffed or polished

    Learn more about how radiators work and selecting the proper radiator for your vehicle by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance


    1/4" NPT fittings for transmission cooler. 1/4" NPT fitting for drain. 1/4" NPT fitting for overflow. 1.75" wide mounting feet on both sides.