Product Summary

  • Tube has an outside diameter measuring a total of .875"
  • Has a 11/16"-18 thread pitch with left hand threads on one end and right hand threads on the other
  • Made from heavy-duty steel with a natural finish
  • Available in several lengths to custom fit your application
  • Swedged ends for more strength

Key Specs

Tube O.D.0.875"
Thread Pitch11/16"-18 RH/LH
Overall Length
Material TypeSteel

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  • Bare unfinished steel tube for steering linkage and other chassis uses
  • Use for tie rod, drag link, chassis bracing, and more
  • Ends threaded 11/16-18 LH and RH threads for rod ends or bushings of your choice
  • Available in 13 lengths from 10-3/4-inches to 54-inches long
  • Outside diameter of tube is .875-inch
  • Single rotation will adjust the overall length in or out by approximately 1/8-inch
  • Order by center-to-center measurement required for application

Our Bare Steel Tubes Are Perfect for Budget Builds

Building a hot rod or muscle car can take a real beating on the wallet. We all want the best quality materials with high-end components, but in the reality of it all sometimes more basic components get the green light to be able to finish the project. We understand that not everyone has the funds for high-end suspension components, modern drivetrain swaps, and the like. Therefore, we offer several options in every product category we sell. When building your hot rod’s custom steering linkage or designing your under-hood chassis bracing, we offer these budget friendly raw steel tubes to get the job done. These steel tubes are perfect for those low-buck projects. Simply give them a shot of paint, or powder coat them if you choose, and make some real progress on your build.

Strong Steel Construction for Strength, Ready for Paint or Powder Coat

We offer these super strong steel threaded tubes for your project in a bare paintable finish. The bare steel finish allows you to paint them to match or contrast your vehicle’s frame or body. You can even powder coat them if desired. Available in 13 different lengths from 10-3/4-inches to 54-inches, these steel tubes are threaded to accept 11/16-18 rod ends, bushings, or clevises with left-hand and right-hand threads. This allows the adjusting sleeve to be mounted between two points of adjustment, such as a drag link or tie rod in a steering system, among other fitment applications. Rotating the threaded tube moves the threaded ends of your choice inward or outward for adjustment. For the 11/16-18 thread ends these bare steel sleeves utilize this equates to roughly 1/8-inch of adjustment for each full rotation of the hollow threaded tube.

Great for Chassis and Steering Needs

Wherever you wish to use an adjustable threaded tube to your build, be it for a steering linkage, chassis support, or elsewhere, it is easy to figure out exactly what you need for your ride. Simply measure the center-to-center distance of your two adjustment or mounting points and then order the closest length to that measurement. The rod ends, bushings, or clevises you choose will add 3 inches to the overall length. So, if your measurement is 45-inches, that is what you will order from the drop-down menu, however the tube you will receive will be 42-inches in length. The 45-inch length will be your final length once you have threaded in your ends approximately halfway. So, remember, order by center-to-center length, not just the threaded tube length, to get the correct length you need for your application.


MFG. Part #
BrandSpeedway Motors
Tube O.D.0.875"
Thread Pitch11/16"-18 RH/LH
Overall Length
Material TypeSteel
Sold in QuantityEach